Make Simple, Tiny Changes For A Surprisingly Big Impact

Just a little ‘magic trick’ today, that surprisingly makes a big difference. This past week, I made some small changes that gave me a huge burst of energy. I think by making these types of changes, it clears out stale energy or just gives a nice refresh to your life. What were the changes I made?

  • Swapped out a ring that I’d been wearing for a few years, with a beautiful handmade ring.
  • Replaced my necklace that I’d also been wearing for years.
  • Switched my cell phone and laptop backgrounds.

I know they seem really minor, but I was really surprised at how refreshed I felt after making these changes. Not to mention my recent haircut and finishing my latest journal. Out with the old, in with the new!

Upon reflecting, I realized that I had the same iPhone stock image that I had quickly chosen when I bought my phone 2 years ago. And that I’d been meaning to replace my necklace gem for a year, but I just never did. So when I updated all these things, it was so rejuvenating!

So I encourage you to take a look at the small things in your life that have stayed the same out of convenience. You’d be surprised at how easily you can update them, and how great it will make you feel – and possibly give you some new perspectives!

Some ideas for simple changes: jewelry, your cell phone background (soooo many cute ones on Pinterest!), a new hairstyle, replace anything you’ve had for years, rearrange some furniture or your plants, sleep on the other side of your bed, update your social media pics. The list goes on…


If you change just one thing in life, it can change the world around you, it can change your life.


When you receive this email, I’m likely on my way back to Vietnam from Thailand! It’s that time of the month again – the monthly visa run. There are rumors longer visas are coming back to Vietnam, so cross your fingers that comes true! As much as I love traveling, this can be quite exhausting…

I hope you’re all as excited as I am about the holidays! This week was so fun visiting a Christmas market, drinking hot cocoa, and even enjoying some glühwein in a huge gingerbread house! Hard to believe Christmas is on Sunday. Whoa, time is flying!

I’m going to keep this email short and sweet – just know that I appreciate you and am sending you love from Vietnam or Thailand – wherever I am when you read this! 😂

With love,


With Love Andrea 12

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