Welcome to the week of August 24!!

This week, I’m so excited to use my new Oracle Card Deck: Everyday Witch. I love the modern take on magic and all the practical steps these cards provide for creating modern day alchemy. I’ve added this new deck to the cycle, and I’m super happy with the first reading with Everyday Witch. It’s a card that reminds us how important the baby steps are in our lives. I always tell myself, “Rome wasn’t built in a day…”

Whatever it is you’re working on, or if there is a path you want to take, break it down into smaller bits – these tiny, daily habits will snowball and bring you to your goal. Let’s all think of the positive changes we’d like to see in our lives, and commit to the small steps it will take to bring these changes into fruition. Drink one glass of water each day, walk around the block, do 5 push-ups, look in the mirror and say, “I love you,” or read one page out of that book you’ve been wanting to read. Anything can be done – one day at a time…

To go directly to the reading, skip to 6:50. ✨

I believe in you!
Andrea xo

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