Helping Spiritual Entrepreneurs develop a magic mindset, scale their business, & *finally* connect with their dream lives.


Enhance Your Magic & Share Your Gifts With The World

When you shift your mindset, discover the magic all around you, and embrace the wonders of the Divine + the 3D world, you and your business become unstoppable! I would be honored to be your guide – whether you need a heartfelt conversation, mentoring, or business strategies and assistance. I won’t just point you in a direction; I’ll join your journey, helping you uncover your unique path and accompanying you every step of the way, ensuring your business flourishes and your dream life becomes real.

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If you’re a spiritual entrepreneur looking for guidance in business or life in general, I truly believe you were meant to be here. I would be so honored to be a light for you! Whether you’re looking to pick my brain, receive spiritual/life/business mentoring, or add a spiritual online business manager to your team, I promise you will be in capable hands. I’d love to get to know you and help you shine your unique light with the world!

Life & Biz Consultation

Gain clarity and direction in this 60-minute strategy session (followed by a week of message support). Dive deep into the topic of your choice and finally get unstuck, feel inspired, and start moving the needle. Sometimes all it takes is a personalized strategy session!

1:1 Mentoring & Dream Therapy

Master your mindset, transform your biz, and connect with your dreams through your 3-6 month personalized mentoring program. Benefit from regular monthly calls and continuous message support to keep the magic flowing!


I’ll be your hands-on OBM, creating systems, content, and strategies to scale your business, so you can focus on what you do best.. I’m like your Virtual Assistant, OBM, & Spiritual Mentor all rolled into one!





Mentor, Dream Therapist, & Online Business Manager

I speak your language. I understand you and your needs. It isn’t just regular muggle support that you’re looking for; you’re feeling called to connect with a mentor and business manager who can tap into your energy, spirit, and magic. My blend of experience, encompassing both small and large businesses, is enhanced by a heart full of care (proud Hufflepuff here!).

As a spiritual mentor, Dream Therapist, Online Business Manager (OBM), and world traveler, I bring a holistic and powerful set of skills to elevate you and your life & business. Together, we’ll expand and transform your dreams into your reality!

Your search for guidance has brought you here – this is not a coincidence.

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Vera Testimonial

“I chose to co-create with Andrea for many reasons. The first meeting with her was already fulfilled with such light, deep empathic understanding and love. It felt like God brought us together to create beauty together.

Well, she is far more than an OBM. She does her work from a deep place of love and care. If you choose to work with her, you can count on her 100%. I have never seen something like this and I have worked with many people already.

In practical terms, Andrea is really creative, proactive, efficient and has amazing ideas that I would have never even thought about. She is really easy going and easy to keep contact with. She has the ability to understand your situation and see more than you can see yourself what is beneficial for you and your business. 100% – or actually 1000% recommendation. 
She is really special; believe me, really special.”

Vera Schmid
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While working together, my clients have experienced:

  • Reaching highest-income months
  • Moving cross-country after talking about it for years
  • The most EPIC lucid dreams and overcoming major limiting beliefs from dream interpretation
  • Rebranding and publishing their new website
  • Launching their podcast and reaching top 10%
  • Leaving an unfulfilling job, quickly followed by landing their dream job
  • Doubling the amount of members in their membership
  • Reaching a wider audience by translating their entire website and brand into English
When we connect, success is inevitable. We become a team that makes YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE – LITERALLY!

“When I first started working with Andrea, my business had grown and scaled to a level that I found myself so stressed, overwhelmed, and completely disorganized all over again like when I very first started years ago! Not only was Andrea able to hold my hand and jump into the mess with me, her insight and skill helped me untangle the threads one-by-one, and create systems and processes that streamline my business more and more going forward.

She is beyond an OBM and is so much more like a teammate and advisor who will get right in with you to help sort things out, while sharing her unique perspective to help you be an even better biz owner. Alchemist is right – my work with Andrea absolutely transformed my business from the inside out!

Dani Wright

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Let’s connect and start making some magic in the world! One of my top values is connection, so I would love to hear from you! Thank you for being a part of the Dream Life community.

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Dream Life Connection Podcast

The Dream Life Connection podcast is your new hangout for a magical blend of personal development, business alchemy, and mindset shifts. Whether you’re looking to find magic in the mundane (*ahem* nothing is mundane), receive practical and whimsical guidance, or hear stories of using magic to manifest your dream life, each episode is crafted to inspire your journey.

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“Not only does Andrea have a deep understanding of my goals as a business owner, but also as a holistic and spiritual individual needing to free up time in my schedule to honor those things. Andrea has been incredibly helpful; not only has she helped me with my back-end marketing, but she’s also given me guidance on where my energy could best be used. She has such a broad range of knowledge and listens to what I need.

I also love Andrea’s energy – she’s made bringing someone else into my business journey feel really good, easy, and encouraging for the future of my dreams.

Kailee Nauman
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