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If you’d like to receive a full Tarot Card Reading in your inbox, you’re in the right place! ✨

How It Works
  1. Donation: You can send a donation of your choice via PayPal, Venmo, or Revolut (if you need a different method, please contact me).
  2. Choose Spread: Send me a message (or IG DM) of which card spread you would like (listed below).
  3. Reading: I will clear the energy of my deck with palo santo, do a grounding meditation, and pull cards for you.
  4. Keepsake Printables Emailed: Within 24-48 hours, I will email you keepsake printables (PDFs) with your full spread – including keywords for each card. I will also include a page with detailed descriptions, themes, potential challenges, & recommendations/guidance based on your cards.


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Tarot Cards have been used as a tool for self-exploration and personal growth since the dawn of time. They’re also often thought to predict the future. While, yes, they can sometimes be extremely accurate, it’s important to know that cards shouldn’t be relied on as the end-all, be-all to your questions. My personal card-reading philosophy is that they offer guidance and different perspectives on challenges and opportunities in your past, present, and future. Many times, cards and their interpretations are just the seed needed to create the “ah-ha!” moment. Ultimately, these cards are used as a means of accessing your own inner wisdom and to gain a greater understanding of your Self and the world around you. In other words, they bring out the answers you need from within. 💓

50% of all donations are donated forward to Make-A-Wish Alaska & Washington to help wishes come true for kids with life-threatening illnesses. I have volunteered as a Wish Granter for several years and have personally seen so many incredible wishes come true. Pure magic! 💖

✨ Featured Spread ✨

2024 ‘Forecast’ Spread

One card for each month (12 months) + One overall theme card for the year. Includes detailed descriptions, potential challenges, themes, & guidance for the following 12 months.

Popular Spreads

Love Spread: Choose this spread if you would like guidance with your current relationship or family, attract love, or grow your self-love.

Money Spread: Choose this spread if you want help with your current financial situation, want to attract more abundance, or gain insight into blocks you can overcome for financial growth.

Career Spread: Choose this spread if you are seeking guidance on your career path, want advice on how to advance in your current job, or how to feel more fulfilled with your career.

Healing Spread: Choose this spread if you are trying to heal something from the past and want guidance on how to grow in a positive direction.

Celtic Cross: Choose this spread if you need clarity in your life and how to move forward. Covers your past, present, and future.

*If there is a spread/topic not listed that you would like a reading for, please include this in your message to me.