About Dream Life Connection

Hi, I’m Andrea

Founder of Dream Life Connection
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I’m so happy you found your Self here. Dream Life Connection is about just that: helping you connect with your dream life. Not just your dream life in your daydreams, but your dreams while you sleep. It’s all connected.

This is a space where you can come and feel uplifted, hopeful, and magical again. All of my offerings, writings, and resources are infused with magic, positive energy, and support.

As a mindful and spiritual entrepreneur, I know that you face a lot of pressures – my hope is that Dream Life Connection provides a respite from all the hustle.

Take your time, browse around, and feel good again.

What you’ll find here

Mentoring & Dream Therapy
Understand your Self (and your dreams) on a deeper level to make your reality better. As a mentor & dream therapist + interpreter, these 1:1 intuitive sessions help you gain clarity, discover blocks, and finally take those steps to manifest your dream life.

Online Business Management
If you’re a spiritual entrepreneur needing guidance and assistance with the back-end of your business, I would be honored to create strategies, systems, and content, so you can focus on what you do best.

Magic Monday
Every other Monday, I share modern magic tricks in your inbox. The magic tricks help with mindfulness, spirituality, dreams, productivity, and more. Once you join, you’ll gain access to the Magic Monday Archive, filled with 60+ magic tricks, and a variety of free downloads (Dream Guidebook, The Best Marketing Platform for Mindful Entrepreneurs, 28 Styles of Journaling, and the Conscious Buying Decision Guide).

Explore a variety of articles diving deeper into dreamwork, mindfulness, and modern magic.

Why I created Dream Life Connection

Dream Life Connection was created because I felt so deeply that I am meant to help beautiful spirits connect with their dream lives. I started exploring my night time dreams in 2016 and instantly felt that dreams can literally change people’s lives. But interpreting dreams and teaching people how to lucid dream wasn’t enough. I knew I could help even more…

With my background working at a TV station in marketing and production, I wanted to also help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. But instead of using large, corporate marketing tactics like we did in the media industry – I make it a priority to infuse magic and our intuitive abilities to create a business that is aligned with our true selves.

Dream Life Connection truly is a blend of business alchemy, dream therapy, and cultivating a magic mindset. This is what life is all about.

Your dream life is waiting…

Thank you so much for being here. I truly believe that by connecting with other magical spirits, inspiration is instantly sparked. For some reason, I am always captivated by the visualization of an upward spiral. I love to think that while I’m in the flow, making an impact for my clients, and putting out content that resonates with others, I see myself on an upward spiral. I hope you’ll join me on this wonderful spiral! 🌀

With love,
Andrea ✨

If you’d like to read my story of how I left the TV station and created my own dream business while traveling the world, you can read it here. xo