Hello, dreamers! This was a reading that made me giddy with excitement! This is the type of reading that gets you motivated and excited to start that dream of yours.

This week, I pulled Answering the Call. The main message is that NOW is the time to begin. Whatever your calling/dream/purpose is, your spirit guides are telling you to DO IT. “If you’re looking for a sign, this is it!”

So take a deep breath, think of what that calling of yours may be, and begin. You are supported and encouraged. I know I personally have a hunch of what my ‘calling’ is, but I have not been confident enough to truly pursue it. But to be honest, this Magic Monday, I am inspired!! I will continue down this path that I’ve been tip-toeing on for years, and commit myself 100%. I *know* Dreams are my calling, and thanks to the Sacred Traveler, I am committing and no longer tip-toeing.

What is your calling?! I hope this reading gives you some encouragement and inspires you to pursue your purpose! xoxoxo

To go directly to the reading, skip to 5:00. ✨


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