Your dream life is right there within grasp, waiting for you to grab it! I’ll share the most powerful (and proven) tools to help you discover your unique keys that will unlock the path to your dream life. By connecting with your True Self and your Dream World (yes, the one we visit in our sleep!) – you will finally step through that door into a whole new reality.

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Discover the power of your nighttime dreams so you can live a happier life, heal, sleep better, & discover hidden messages from your Soul.

With Dream Therapy, you will:
+ Receive professional dream interpretations
+ Connect with your subconscious mind and learn its unique language
+ Learn how to remember & interpret your dreams
+ Overcome recurring dreams & nightmares
+ Learn how to lucid dream
+ Bring dreamwork into your waking life
+ BONUSES: Dream journal templates & “How To Interpret Your Dreams” PDF: the easiest way for you to learn how to understand your dream symbols!


If you are seeking guidance, support, and advice in your life, a Tarot card spread could be just what you need. Currently offering Yearly Spread- one card per month for an entire year!

During a reading, you will receive:
+ Grounding meditation
+ Your choice of a multi-card spread
+ More card spreads based on questions & flow of session
+ Heart-felt & intuitive guidance
+ Conclusion Tarot card pull for an overall message
+ Follow-up email with images and descriptions of your cards/readings
+ Choice of LIVE Reading (45-Minute Video Call – $55) OR Emailed Reading (Donation-Based).

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Andrea’s reading provided me with a
renewed sense of clarity and purpose.

Andrea did a tarot reading for me, even though I was initially skeptical about spirituality. I was in a state of confusion and needed guidance to find the right direction in my life. Andrea’s reading provided me with a renewed sense of clarity and purpose. Andrea’s approach was welcoming, understanding, and non-judgmental. She took the time to explain each card and how it related to my situation. She offered practical and actionable insights and guidance. Even though I wasn’t particularly open to spiritual practices, I can honestly say that Andrea’s tarot reading was a transformative experience.
I highly recommend Andrea to anyone who is seeking guidance, clarity, and direction in their lives.
Her expertise, empathy, and intuition are truly exceptional.
Simon F.
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My services do not replace the care of therapists or other healthcare professionals.