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Visualize Cells As Human “Worker Cells” To Resist Cravings

Here’s an interesting visualization I’ve been using for years that often helps me when I’m getting into unhealthy or over-eating territory. I should start with a disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, and this email is not intended to replace professional medical advice. It’s just a silly technique I sometimes use that has actually been quite helpful with resisting cravings!

Living in Vietnam with the ease of Grab (any meal you want within minutes for less than $5), you can imagine it’s easy to eat your heart out! Sometimes, I get a little overzealous and order too many “cheat” meals in a row. My intuition knows that I shouldn’t eat the burrito or another slice of pizza. But when food is so good, it can be SO HARD to stop!!

This visualization, partnered with my intuition, helps me make better meal decisions and stop over-eating. Sometimes, I literally visualize my cells/enzymes as people, as if they’re little construction workers. 👷🏼‍♀️ I know, it sounds kind of odd, but hear me out…

When I’m looking at a menu and leaning toward a burger, I imagine my little worker cells as people in my stomach. They’ve been working so hard for years and they get overwhelmed and frustrated when I deliver them junk food. I imagine them shouting, “Not the burger, we’re tired!!” 😂 Eating the junk food just makes their work day harder and they get exhausted trying to break it all down. And conversely, when I eat healthy meals, they’re so grateful to have an easy work day.

Is this a weird trick? Yeah, probably. But it honestly helps personify my cells and remember that we’re all a team. I do my best to be a good boss to my little workers. 😉 Like I said, kind of a funny trick, but thought I’d share in case it is helpful for you!


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✔️ Another visa run in the books!

This past week, I did a visa run to Laos, instead of my usual trip to Thailand. I figured that I’ve done 4 visa runs to Thailand, so I don’t want to get in trouble by going there too many times. 😂 So I decided to do the visa run option to Laos by bus in a day. It was a surprisingly comfortable bus ride with reclining seats and wifi, so not much to complain about! After a 12-hour trip, I got my 30 days – and it’s official that this will be my last visa run. 🥺

In April, I’ll be flying back to the States for a visit, which I’m so excited about! Ninh is still in Germany, and doing these visa runs every month is just not sustainable, so we decided that I’ll head to Washington for a bit. I’m taking advantage of my last month in Vietnam by using day passes to some of the fancy resorts in town and getting in as many $15 massages as I can. 😂

And go figure, as soon as I decide to go back to the States for a visit, that’s when the rumors come back about long visas in Vietnam. Classic! So who knows, I may be back sooner than I think!

This is the life of a nomad, though. Constantly going with the flow!

If you’re in the PNW, let’s meet up in May?? 💙

Hope you all have a magical week ahead!!

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