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I could write a book on the power of journaling!! It’s one of the greatest activities you can do in your life. But there may be times you don’t want to sit down and write in your journal. Or perhaps there is just SO much on your mind that it would take hours to to write it all out. Or what about when you want to vent and not ‘ruin’ your journal with negativity? There’s a solution!

Voice Memo Journaling

Open your voice memos app, press record, and start talking!!! Simple as that…

This is such a beneficial tool to use when you want to release what’s on your mind. One of the best aspects of voice memo journaling is the fact that writing with your hand won’t slow you down. Just speak out loud to yourself – you’d be amazed at what will come out. This is especially helpful when you’re upset or angry and just need to release and process.

And just like journaling, it’s important to go back and listen to your voice memos to reflect and learn. There’s magic in releasing, but there’s even more magic when you listen to yourself again.

I’ve accumulated hundreds of voice memo recordings on my phone over the years. My favorite time to listen to them is while on a plane, and I listened to a lot while traveling back to Vietnam (a 30-hour journey!). It was incredible to listen to my memos from the past year – I noticed patterns within myself, and I also noticed how much of what I was hoping for came true! I also spoke of some fears, and now that enough time has passed, I now see how those fears never came true.

Voice memos are reminders that you can overcome anything; they shed a light on your blind spots; and they’re proof that if you speak your desires into existence, they usually come true. You’ll notice shifts in your energy and even the tone of your voice while speaking of certain topics will help you understand yourself on a deeper level. You are your own best friend, so speaking with your Self, and later listening to your Self, can work true magic! I still prefer and recommend writing in a journal, but voice memo journaling has its own set of benefits that will definitely make you love your Self even more!


Don’t forget, when listening back to your voice memos, you can listen to them at 2X speed!


Your soul needs time for solitude and self-reflection. In order to love, lead, heal, and create, you must nourish yourself first.

Louise Hay


Reunited with Ninh in Vietnam!!! I cannot even begin to explain how happy I am to be back in Da Nang! Ninh and I spent a year and a half in Vietnam during the pandemic; I honestly didn’t realize how much it became a part of my heart until I returned this past Thursday. I had tears of joy upon landing, and every moment since has been so special. The people here are so kind and friendly and it’s so fun visiting my favorite spots again.

Funny story: We went to the grocery store and I put my wallet on the counter as I was packing our bags. Well, I accidentally forgot my wallet and didn’t notice until we got home. We went straight back and I was sure the wallet would be gone – but there it was, almost 45 minutes later. The same spot I left it. It sounds silly, but I feel like that’s such a good example of what it’s like here – safe and honest.

But the BEST part of Da Nang is the food and coffee scene!! I swear, you could visit a new coffee shop every day for a year, and still not see every single one. There are so many incredible cafes that are modern and beautiful – makes my cafe-loving-heart so happy! Plus, having a proper latte for the first time in over half a year was a moment I’ll never forget. ☕️

Thanks for being a part of my journey!! Sending love from Da Nang! 🇻🇳

With love,


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