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Create The Best Year By Using The “Unravel Your Year” Workbook

I was told about Susannah Conway by my friend, Rhianna, and she mentioned how Susannah releases a free workbook every year called, “Unravel Your Year.” If you know me, you know that I am an avid journal – and sometimes I can be a bit stubborn with new journaling workbooks/methods (my ego says, “I already know how to do this!”). But I’m always open for experiencing new methods, prompts, and techniques – so I downloaded this one and got to work. And I can tell you right now, this workbook was pure magic!

I very much recommend giving this workbook a look. Do you need to print it and fill it all out? No. Do you need to write every prompt in your journal? Also no. What matters is that you take the time and reflect on your year, and envision your life in 2023.

I spent a couple hours with this workbook and wrote down the prompts that resonated with me in my journal. Here is where the magic was for me: spending time reflecting on each month and remembering the events, highs, and lows of each month in 2022. Then choosing a word to describe each month. By going through each month this way, I was able to create a snapshot of my 2022, and see a common thread/theme. The year is like a story and you can connect dots. For instance, when I enrolled in the coaching program I’m currently in, that was an extremely powerful month for me. Yet, when I was in Portugal with no steady income, I was really stressed and not sleeping well.

By looking at your year in a quick snapshot, you are also reminded of how resilient you are – and also that everything is temporary. For me, I realized that I wasn’t stressed or income-less all year – in fact, the month after my lowest of lows came my highest of highs! It’s so good to remember this – and then take these reminders into your new year with you. You’ll see just how strong you are.

After you reflect on your year, you can spend some time on what your 2023 will look like (remember, you are the writer of your own story, so you get to choose the direction it goes!). You can also choose a word to focus on for 2023, sort of like your intention for the whole year. At the end of the workbook, you’ll pretend you’re in a coffee shop in December 2023, reflecting on the past year. You’d be surprised at how most of (if not all) your visions from right now will come true by next year!

True magic. ✨

What does your 2023 look like??


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The best way to predict the future is to create it.


Happy holidays!! This past week was extremely eventful, which is per norm this time of year. On Monday, my visa run to Thailand and back was successful. Of course, I was able to get my favorite Khao Soi dish and explore the magnificent Bangkok airport for a while. I also met a lovely couple from New Zealand and was reminded of how magical travel is. You just meet the greatest people!

Ninh and I had a lovely Christmas weekend – we started it off by seeing Avatar: The Way of Water. Wow, wow, wow! It is so powerful! I was nervous seeing this movie because of the length (over 3 hours), but I was enthralled the entire time. I didn’t want the movie to end! I think it was partly because I resonated so much with the character, Kiri. The whole movie is a great reminder of connection and hope. Something that seems a little bit harder to find in the world these days. But we must keep the faith and stay positive!!

We then had a nice Christmas Eve hot pot meal with friends and then drank some tea at our favorite tea house in the afternoon. Christmas was a relaxed day with lots of love – not to mention a divine massage (they’re less than $20 here!). Simply a magical weekend with yummy food and self-care.

I hope you all had wonderful holiday celebrations!! It’s hard to believe in less than a week, we’ll be in a NEW YEAR!!! Whoa. But, I’m taking full advantage of this week and creating my vision boards and mapping out my goals for 2023. It’s going to be a great year – I just know it!

If you have any visions/hopes for this coming year, I would love to hear! We can cheer each other on. 💙

With lots and lots of love,


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