Create a Visual to Display Your Goals, Values, and Purpose.

This week’s ‘modern magic trick’ is what I call the “Tree of Me.” It’s a powerful tool for visualizing and realigning with your core values, ambitions, and the impact you hope to (and will!) make in the world. During my mentoring program, I always have my clients complete this activity (I used to call it a “Vision Tree”) and it’s really amazing to see what they come up with (and how so many things come true!)! I’d love to share it with you so you can try it as well. 🌳

How To Create Your “Tree Of Me”

Start by drawing a tree. Just a basic outline, with long roots, a large trunk, and several branches reaching out.

Now that you have the outline of your tree, let’s dive in… On each section of your tree, you’re going to write different characteristics and goals. (You can see my photo below for an example!)

Roots = Who You Are

This is where you’ll anchor your identity. Think about the roles you play and the qualities that define you. Are you a loving friend, an innovative thinker, and an adventurous spirit? Write down the foundational aspects of your Self here.

Trunk = Your Purpose

The core of your being; strong and central. This is where you can reflect on your higher calling or mission. What drives you? Whether it’s helping others, motivating change, creating art, etc., the trunk represents your driving force – or your WHY.

Branches = Goals & Aspirations

These are the tangible expressions and achievements ‘branching out’ from your life’s work (fruits of your labor). They’re what you aim to grow into reality. Maybe it’s developing a thriving community, launching a successful business, or learning a new language.

Here’s where the exercise becomes truly powerful:

Complete this activity as your future self.

Shift your perspective and imagine that you’ve already accomplished your aspirations. For example, maybe today, you’re just in the beginning process of outlining your first novel; but in this exercise, imagine you’re already a published author. Fill in your branches as if your dreams have already come true – so you would write: “Bestselling Author,” amongst the many branches.

The “Tree of Me” is more than just an artistic exercise; it’s a powerful visual affirmation of your identity, purpose, and goals. It reminds us that our current actions and the ‘seeds’ of our future successes are deeply connected. By creating your Tree, you’ll set things in motion for the imagined ‘fruits of your labor’ to actually grow in your reality! 🌱🌳

Living Example

Here is my ‘Vision Tree’ I created in 2021 and now that it’s 2024, it’s WILD to see how many of these goals came true!! Some branches are still growing, some have wilted a tiny bit, and there are of course new branches sprouting all the time.

Vision Tree Tree of Me Dream Life Connection 1


All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today.



If you haven’t downloaded the Dream Guidebook yet, I want to share it again because there are so many useful insights about dreams. My dreams have been particularly vivid the past couple of weeks, and I’m receiving so many reminders from them. If you haven’t explored your dreams much yet, this guidebook will be a great place to start! 🤍

  • Intro to Dreams
  • Benefits, misconceptions, 
  • D.R.E.A.M. Method to easily remember your dreams
  • How to interpret your dreams
  • Overcoming nightmares
  • How to lucid dream
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Another year older… I turned 37 last week and it was a little bittersweet! On one hand, I wasn’t super crazy about turning another year older. But on the other hand, there’s just this crazy feeling I have that this will be a BIG year. Do you ever have those feelings about particular ages? There’s just something about 37…it’s gonna be a good one. I know it!

I’ve been receiving so many wonderful updates from family and friends recently, and it really feels like so many people are on an upward spiral this Spring. I hope you’re feeling the magical whirlwind, too! Sending lots of love your way…

Gratitude always,

With Love Andrea 58

You are magic. ✨

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