Watch Your Body Language To Make Decisions

Having trouble making a decision? When we’re faced with challenging decisions, we can often go into over-thinking mode. Constantly asking, “Should I do this or that?” Making pro/con lists. Talking to family and friends, trying to figure it all out. Well, maybe let your body help you out… This ‘magic trick’ can really help you see what your heart truly wants.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Set up your camera and select the time-lapse option.
  2. Press record and start talking about option one, take a pause in-between, then talk about option two.
  3. Watch the video back on mute and pay attention to your body language.

The whole point is to not listen to what you’re saying (thinking brain) – rather, observe what your body is feeling. Pay attention to your facial expressions, body movements, your breathing pattern, hand gestures, etc.

When a decision feels good, it should be fairly obvious – you’ll see more smiling, excitement with your movements, looking up, nodding. When a decision feels bad, your movements may be more minimal, you’ll take longer pauses, you’ll be looking down and shaking your head.

While our logical thinking brain often guides our decision-making, it’s important to remember that a large part of our communication is expressed through subconscious body language. This subliminal aspect reflects our genuine feelings, usually without us even realizing. By observing our non-verbal cues, it becomes easier to make difficult decisions – and trust that they’re the right decisions for us.


Body Language Examples


“The most important thing in communication is to hear what is not said.

-Peter Drucker


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