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The Power of 2X means watching videos or listening to podcasts at double the speed. This could be a trick that many of you already know and utilize, but I wanted to share it just in case, because I only recently starting doing this. I wish I would have known this years ago! The amount of time I could have saved for other things!

Here’s the thing, you may think you won’t even be able to listen to anything faster than it’s normal speed, but our brains are a lot more powerful than we think (no pun intended). You’d be surprised at how quickly you will adapt!

Our brains can process certain types of information within as little as 13 milliseconds.

It’s funny, because when you start listening at 2X, when you go back to normal speed, it literally sounds like slow-mo!

Using 2X is especially helpful when watching video courses. I’m in a program now that would take at least 5 hours a week to get through the content! But doubling the speed means I receive the information quickly, and have extra time for other things.

  • The intention for this trick is NOT to speed up life. It’s to speed up particular mediums so that you have more time to yourself.
  • Using 2X is not suitable for meditations or music.
  • 2X is best used for podcasts, courses, YouTube videos, and voice messages.

To watch or listen to media at 2X, look for the Settings button, and you’ll usually find “Playback Speed” options. You can increase the speed just a little bit and slowly increase the speed if you find it helpful!

Here, give it a try!


Video Speed Controller Chrome Extension

(Video) Is Consuming Media at 2X Speed Really Effective?


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Countdown until Vietnam: TWO DAYS!! On Wednesday, I’ll be leaving North Macedonia, so I’ve been spending a lot of time reflecting on my 3 months here. It wasn’t all la la land, but I certainly created a lot of special memories here. Without a doubt, my favorite memories of Ohrid were my times on the water. Whether it was a long boat trip, lounging at the beach, eating meals over the water, or feeding the swans, the water was the main attraction here.

I’ll be honest, though: I’m so so so soooooo ready to be back in Vietnam with Ninh. I literally get giddy thinking about it! But I am so grateful for this extremely productive time in this country. I’ve made some wonderful friends and have developed some very helpful habits – I have North Macedonia to thank for this.

See you later, Ohrid! 🦢

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