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Give the Universe a list of your desires to manifest without attachment to how and when.

This magic trick is actually inspired my one of my business mentors, Sara Drury. As I’ve been involved in her Business Magik Academy, she introduced a technique that I absolutely looooove. It’s called “Task The Universe.”

What is Tasking The Universe?

To ‘Task the Universe’ means to simply give the Universe a list of things that you’d like to manifest, but you are hands-off. These are the things that you completely remove attachment to of ‘how’ and ‘when’ the manifestation will be completed.

In our daily lives, we can be overwhelmed by to-do lists and the ticking clock. But tasking the Universe allows us to release control and embrace the synchronistic dance of life. So as we’re creating our to-do lists, we can make one for us with actionable tasks within our immediate control. Then we can make another; a sacred list entrusted to the Universe. By releasing our attachment to the ‘how’ and ‘when,’ we trust the cosmic forces to work their magic. We finally release the boundaries of our down-to-the-hour planned lives. Sounds liberating, huh?!

An Example of Tasking The Universe

I’ll give you an example of how I would task the Universe. I am obsessed with to-do lists and I track everything I need to do. So on my to-do list, I would write things like, “Write a blog post,” “Record podcast episode,” etc. These are the asks that I physically do myself.

Then on my ‘Task the Universe’ list, I would write tasks/desires like, “Attract a new dream client,” or “Make my travel journey as smooth as possible.” So as I’m about to go on my big travel journey, I can say, “It’s all good, the Universe is taking care of this.” Then my mind is at ease and sure enough – it manifests into a truly smooth travel day. (And I’ll tell you, I have attracted so many dream clients simply by releasing attachment! The Universe has always delivered!)

When you have your Universe Task list, you can go through your day and know that the Universe has your back. You can think of the desires that aren’t necessarily in your control (even though deep down they are), and know that the Universe is handling it.

Here are some other ideas of what you can task the Universe:

  • Clarity on a decision
  • Inner peace during a challenge
  • Opportunity to share your knowledge in front of an audience
  • Unexpected sum of income
  • New surge of subscribers
  • Introduction of a new friend or potential partner
  • Opportunity to get a raise or promotion

Remember, the key is to release attachment to the “how” and “when” of these tasks. Trust that the universe, with its infinite wisdom, will align circumstances and events for your highest good.


When you trust the Universe, you align with its energy – making you a magnet for miracles.


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Hi, friends!! Happy Monday! I hope you had a great week and a warm Thanksgiving, filled with gratitude. 💙 So much to be thankful for!

This week, I had so many great connections and meals. And in my attempt to convince you to visit Vietnam, I’ll share that I had a divine 2-hour massage & facial that made me feel like a queen. Guess how much this massage/facial cost… $23!!! Are you ready to book your tickets yet?! 😉

Ninh and I are only in week 5 of being back in Da Nang, and I’m always reminded of why I love it here so much. The food is delish, everything is affordable, and the people are SO KIND. There really is no place like it. So if you ever want to travel somewhere magical, definitely put Vietnam on your list. 🇻🇳

Sending you love!

With gratitude, Andrea

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