Welcome to July 27!

In this week’s video, I recap how last week’s reading, Grace & Gratitude, affected my reality. While focusing on all the things I am grateful for, it was amazing to see how much brighter my worldview became.

Now, as Vietnam has recently discovered several Covid-19 cases, the city of Da Nang has dramatically changed. Feelings of freedom have turned into worry and fear. Therefore, I was extremely happy with the card I pulled for this week’s Oracle Card reading. It is a great reminder to stay strong and to be a victim (something I am so familiar with).

For some inspiration, hope, and strength, please check out this week’s Oracle Card Reading, intended for YOU. ✨

Have a wonderful week, and STAY STRONG!! We got this!!

To jump straight to the reading, please skip to 6:10.

You are loved,
Andrea πŸ’™


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