A Special Note: This video was recorded in July of 2020. However, if you are coming across this video now, that means this oracle card reading is meant for you now! Remember, time is an illusion – what you need will be presented to you when the time is right. The time is NOW. ✨

In this week’s video, I recap how last week’s reading, Grace & Gratitude, affected my reality. While focusing on all the things I am grateful for, it was amazing to see how much brighter my worldview became.

Now, as Vietnam has recently discovered several Covid-19 cases, the city of Da Nang has dramatically changed. Feelings of freedom have turned into worry and fear. Therefore, I was extremely happy with the card I pulled for this week’s Oracle Card reading. It is a great reminder to stay strong and to be a victim (something I am so familiar with).

For some inspiration, hope, and strength, please check out this week’s Oracle Card Reading, intended for YOU. ✨

Have a wonderful week, and STAY STRONG!! We got this!!

To jump straight to the reading, please skip to 6:10.

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