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The Key To Happiness: Guilt-Free Self-Love Sundays

Several months ago, Ninh came up with the idea for us to do Self-Love Sundays every week. Self-Love Sundays are days when you only do things that are acts of self-care, instead of work or chores. So on these days, we always pick a new coffee shop to visit in the morning (we alternate each week on who picks the coffee shop). We go to coffee and have a slow morning, then we go on excursions, watch movies, get massages, etc. for the rest of the day.

Here was the important part of Self-Love Sunday (for me at least) – everything we do on Sundays is guilt-free. Especially as a small business owner, a lot of times if I’m not working on my projects, I feel guilty…like I’m slacking. But I’m always reminded, taking rest and having fun is 100% needed (if not the purpose of life!). So if we eat some yummy desserts and splurge on a massage, we never feel guilty!

I know we all have different lives and circumstances, and maybe taking an entire day for self-love isn’t possible, but even if we are conscious and have an intentional few hours of self-love, that is vital. I mean, I think the ultimate goal is to have a Self-Love Day EVERYDAY, right?!

So I highly recommend choosing a day, or blocking out even a few hours consistently every week, to focus on YOU and do what you love – guilt-free!


Remember who you were before they told you who to be.


Big updates this week, but again, keeping this one short. Ninh had to quickly leave Vietnam to go back to Germany to be with family, so please keep them all in your thoughts! It’s been a whirlwind, but I’m so grateful for technology for making long-distance a bit easier. I had my first solo Self-Love Sunday yesterday and it was lovely – tried out a new coffee shop, did some journaling, got a mani/pedi, and watched one of my comfort movies: Twilight. 😂

Sending you all love – I hope you can feel it. I truly am grateful for you. 💙

With love,


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