Create A Secret Instagram And Share Your Happiest Moments

Here’s an idea that creates more magic in your life than you first think. I’m sure you’ve heard the idea of creating a secret Instagram account; a place for you to post your favorite photos that isn’t motivated by likes or follows. But there’s a fun twist that will seriously level-up your life.

Make a private Instagram account and each day, post the happiest moment of your day.

I did this for an entire year, and it truly was one of the most magical years for me. I think it was a combination of a lot of things for this – and my secret IG account was a big part of it. By posting my happiest moment every day, it was as if I was attracting really happy, magical moments even more. By tuning in, becoming more aware/mindful, and documenting it, I had all this proof and evidence that every day was magical. Then it felt like it just grew and grew and GREW.

Most days, we go along like normal – work, eat, chill, sleep, repeat. Sometimes, something significant will stand out that will make us happy, but then we move on and it’s business as usual.

But when you have this secret ‘magic moments’ account, you’ll experience something special, take a photo, and post it. When you go back into your account each day, you’ll remember these happy moments and it will manifest even more happy moments. You’ll raise your vibration because of the consistency and then you’ll experience, seek out, or create incredible memories more often. Plus, you’ll start finding so much joy in little things and become more aware of the magic always around you.

I promise, it truly works.

p.s. I can also contest that when you go back to look on the account, even years later, it brings back those incredible feelings. This magic trick does good immediately and long-term. 💓


Bubble Bath For Your Mind Guided Meditation


Lighthouses do not run all over an island looking for people to save; they just stand there shining.

Ann Lamott


Hi, lovely spirits! Happy magical Monday to you all. Last week went by so fast! It was a great week with some mini adventures and wonderful connections.

One of the highlights was recording a meditation and seeing it go live on Insight Timer! Remember when I posted the other week about Insight Timer and their bedtime tales/meditations? Well now I’m officially a ‘teacher’ and have a meditation ready to listen to! Wahoo! It’s called “Bubble Bath For Your Mind” – and to be honest, the meditation idea came to me from a sticker. 😂 I was journaling and had a cute bubble bath sticker and wished I could give my mind a bubble bath. And then I thought, “Well….maybe I can!” So within days, I had my meditation written, recorded, and approved. It’s so exciting to have an idea and follow-through with it so quickly. And even more, it’s so exciting to share something that could provide some comfort and peace to others.

If you ever want 10 minutes to wind down and enjoy a warm, mental bubble bath filled with magical potions, you can listen to the meditation on Insight Timer for free. 🛁

Sending you all loving and healing vibes! XO

With love,


With Love Andrea 18

You are magic. ✨

Welcome, I’m Andrea!

I’m a passionate dream therapist, business alchemist, and wandering nomad – living my dream life. With a love for teaching the gifts of our dreams (day & night) and sharing every day magic, I guide spirits like you on transformative journeys to manifest their dream lives. You must be here for a reason… Take a look around and feel free to connect – I’d love to meet you!

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