Welcome to July 6!

Okay, so I really debated whether I should even post this video or not. It was my first time shooting at the beach, and well, I had no idea how loud the wind was going to be! Learned my lesson… I apologize for the noisy wind – but I still loved this reading and I especially loved being on the beach for it. So I’m gonna have to do some research on how to eliminate wind noise… 🌬

Recently, I’ve really been battling with whether or not I should go back to America right now. It’s so hard being in a foreign country while everything is going on – but I actually feel extremely safe and content in Vietnam at the moment. So this week’s reading could not have been more perfect. I hope it brings some peace and clarity to you as well. πŸ™

To go straight to the reading, skip to 3:00. ✨

Who knows what the Universe will provide?!



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