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A Special Note: This video was recorded in July of 2020. However, if you are coming across this video now, that means this oracle card reading is meant for you now! Remember, time is an illusion – what you need will be presented to you when the time is right. The time is NOW. ✨

Okay, so I really debated whether I should even post this video or not. It was my first time shooting at the beach, and well, I had no idea how loud the wind was going to be! Learned my lesson… I apologize for the noisy wind – but I still loved this reading and I especially loved being on the beach for it. So I’m gonna have to do some research on how to eliminate wind noise… 🌬

Recently, I’ve really been battling with whether or not I should go back to America right now. It’s so hard being in a foreign country while everything is going on – but I actually feel extremely safe and content in Vietnam at the moment. So this week’s reading could not have been more perfect. I hope it brings some peace and clarity to you as well. 🙏

To go straight to the reading, skip to 3:00. ✨

Who knows what the Universe will provide?!

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