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The Magical Dreamwork Journey

If you’re here, you must be interested in your dreams – and I am here to welcome you with wide open arms! Welcome to one of the most enriching journey’s you’ll ever experience in your life!

Dreamwork is the process of examining your dreams in order to gain insight into your unconscious mind and to better understand your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It can help you to uncover unresolved issues and to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your life. his can help you to make positive changes in your life and to live more authentically and in alignment with your true self.


There are some very simple steps when it comes to embarking on your dreamwork journey. one of the very first steps of dreamwork is keeping a dream journal. This will help you to retain the details of your dreams and to have a record of them for future reference. Once you have recorded your dreams, you can begin the process of interpreting their meaning. This can involve looking at the symbols and themes that appear in your dreams, as well as exploring any emotions or feelings that were present in the dream.

My Dream Life Program is all about creating your dream life through the power of dreamwork, journaling, magic, and creativity – if you are interested in diving deeper into all these goodies, feel free to schedule a free discovery call!

As you dive deeper into dreamwork, you’ll start hitting some incredible dream milestones.

Major Dream Milestones You Can Reach

  1. Experience your first lucid dream
  2. Control your sleep paralysis
  3. Overcome dream ‘dry spells’
How To Achieve Major Dream Milestones

Be sure to listen to the episode to learn about the value of dreamwork, and also learn how you can reach these dream milestones!

Book mentioned in episode: The Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming

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