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Ride The Wave And Get Into Lucky Timing

Last week, I attended an incredible workshop called, “Quantum Surfing,” and it was all about lucky timing. The workshop was led by Monica Laurence who believes that luck is a major element of success. While it’s common to think that luck is completely random or only happens to the privileged, she states that we can create luck for ourselves in any moment.

So how do we get into lucky timing? Well, we can go ‘quantum surfing.’ Quantum surfing is simply a shift in perspective, connecting with our intuition, and taking aligned actions to ‘ride the wave.’ We live in a rational, ‘paddling’ society, where we are taught that we need to have reasons for a decision/action and they should be justified by data and logic. But intuition does not require rationalization.

I’ve heard from so many people, especially during the past few years, that they’ve lost touch with their intuition. I’m also noticing that many times I’m turning to my thinking brain/logic to make most of my decisions. It doesn’t help that I’m an over-thinker – so sometimes small decisions take me ages to make! Ever since this workshop, I’ve been practicing this exercise and it feels like a weight is lifted off of my chest (or rather, my brain). Sometimes I forget that my intuition never steers me wrong.

Here is how we can get on that metaphorical surfboard and get back in touch with our intuition and into lucky timing:

It’s as simple as this: pause and ask how you feel about something.

Monica gave us the example of how one of her mentors asked her, “When do you feel to meet next?” She was confused and thought he meant to say, “When are you available to meet next?” But he wanted her to pause and feel – not to immediately turn to her planner and see which day is available; and instead to feel which day is right for her. She said that a feeling came to her, and even though that day at first glance didn’t work well with her schedule, when it was finally time for the appointment, she knew it was right on time.

We can tap into our intuition for anything, big or small – it’s almost like a muscle that needs to be worked out to get stronger. We can start small, like how Monica shared that she would do this even during dinner, “Which pork chop do I feel to eat?” Or, “Which outfit do I feel to wear today?” It seems silly in writing, but once you start practicing, you’ll truly start noticing these intuitive whispers. 

As the whispers get louder with practice, you’ll get into flow – riding that wave. Big decisions will be easier to make, and they’ll be made with pure trust. And I promise, you’ll start experiencing more synchronicity, magic, and luck. 🍀


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“Creating is less about doing, and more about choosing where to place your consciousness.

-Monica Laurence


Hi friends! Last week was so much fun! Ninh and I went to an event led by a guy who is going to appear on the German Shark Tank show (in Germany, it’s called the “Lion’s Den“) next month. He created an online game where you compete with teams in a city-wide scavenger hunt and it was so so much fun! My team and I were running around doing all of the challenges, like trading items with locals; going into an abandoned building (pictured below – they’re all over Bansko); trying one of the local drinks (Boza, not so good… 😂); finding specific landmarks, etc. There were about 40 challenges and I truly feel a lot more connected to Bansko now. I had a total blast and I’m ready to submit my application to The Amazing Race. 😉

After the challenge, we went to dinner with the creator, and he was sharing his stories about filming and how intense it was. He obviously can’t tell us if he got a deal with one of the sharks/lions or not; but he said no matter if a contestant gets a deal or not, their business will skyrocket simply because of the exposure. So it was awesome playing the game and then being asked for feedback so he can improve the game before the episode. When it’s officially live, I’ll share the game in my newsletter so that you can play in your city! 🏃🏼‍♀️

Have a great week and I hope you find lots of magic today. ✨

So grateful for you,


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