Use a Premade Bullet Journal to Keep Your Life Organized (In a Cute Way)

If you’re a journaler or a planner, I’m sure you’ve seen the extremely ornate and creative bullet journal pages people come up with. Whenever I come across aesthetic bullet journal pages, sometimes I get more envious than I get inspired… 😂 That’s because I know that there’s no way I have the time or the skill to create pages even remotely similar to them.

Thankfully, I’ve found a solution: PREMADE bullet journals! I didn’t even know these were a thing, and when I came across the small business, YourBujo, I immediately purchased their planner. So if you’re like me and want to bullet journal, but can only draw stick figures, this ‘bujo’ will become your new favorite planner.

YourBujo is a business based in Germany, and I corresponded quite a bit with the owner, Lynn. She hand-draws every page and she has the sweetest themes for every month. Coffee shops, camping, strawberry waffles, etc. (Check out their spreads on Instagram.) She puts so much thought and care into every page, plus she was so helpful with customer service and delivery (I had a deadline since I was leaving Bulgaria and she shipped it extremely fast for me). My planner came with a hand-written note, a free sticker, and the cutest paperclip I’ve ever seen. 🥹 Cherries on top.

Not only that, you can personalize your bullet journal so it’s made to your liking:

+ Choose from 5 different colors (sage, pink, grey, black, and black leather)
+ Add your name or phrase of your choice (in the font of your choice)
+ Select a gold illustration for the cover
+ Choose between pre-colored or black and white (so you can color the pages with your own paint or markers)

The funny thing is that before I got this bullet planner, I had a different planner that I thought was the ‘planner of my dreams!’ I had purchased the “Law Of Attraction Planner” and I cannot tell you how excited I was to get it in the mail. I was counting down the days while I was in Bulgaria – every day looking at the product listing photos in anticipation (embarrassing to admit, but true 😂). I was so excited for the ‘road to success’ map, bonuses, prompts, templates, and so on. When the planner finally came, I was surprised that my excitement kind of fizzled.

The planner is great and has a TON of valuable resources and pages to fill out. But I intuitively knew: it was TOO much. There was just way too much content, and way too many…things. My brain couldn’t keep up with it all, and it made my already over-thinking mind even busier. Maybe this type of planner is what some people need, but I quickly got overwhelmed

That’s why I am so in love with my YourBujo planner. Less is more. The planner starts with a few templates: birthdays, favorite moments, year in pixels, bucket list, goals, etc. Then each themed month has pages for monthly and daily planning, notes, mood tracker, and habit trackers. That’s it. All you need. You can also get extra stick-in-page trackers (finance, sleep, reading, etc.) if you so desire!

If you’re like me and your mind is already buzzing with thoughts and ideas all the time – maybe you just need a simple (and CUTE) place to keep everything organized. This bullet planner is pure magic and I’m already seeing a positive effect of using it (mood trackers are a magic trick on their own!).

✨Magic Monday Archive Episode✨

This week’s mini podcast episode showcases the calming and lovely guided meditations from Jason Stephenson. His meditations give me the best moments of inspiration – as well as the best night sleeps! In this episode, I talk about the science of falling asleep and how your sleep is greatly impacted by what you’re consuming as we’re falling asleep. Jason’s meditations will assure that your sleep is deep and your dreams are wild – so take a listen!


It is not enough to be busy
The question is: What are we busy about?’

-Henry David Thoreau


Happy Magic Monday to you!!! Let me take a look at my Bujo Planner and see what I was up to… 😉 This week was so much fun because of a few different things: dinner with friends, a self-care day, and a candle-making workshop. But OH MY GOSH I cannot contain my excitement about HOGWARTS LEGACY on Switch! It finally released on Nintendo Switch this week and it is absolutely mind-blowing!

I created my character and have been roaming around Hogwarts and Hogsmeade – it has made me so dang happy! It’s crazy how fast time flies by when you’re playing the game – you get so immersed in the world. I highly highly recommend it! If we can’t actually go to Hogwarts, this game is a good alternative! ✨

Wishing you a magical week (and a happy Thanksgiving),

With Love Andrea 47

You are magic. ✨

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