Flip A Penny To Receive Your True Answer

Are you an over-thinker like me and have a hard time making decisions? Even the simplest decisions like what to eat for lunch? Sometimes I really struggle with decisions, big and small, and feel like Chidi from The Good Place. How do I decide?!?!

Who knew a little penny could solve this problem?!

Today’s magic trick is as simple as keeping a penny in your purse or pocket. When you have to make a decision, turn to this penny and let it ease that stress. You can either use the sides as Yes/No or apply different meanings to each side: Leftovers/Takeout. Go out/Stay in. The list goes on.

Here’s the important part: More often than not, your true preference will become clear as you’re flipping the penny. You’ll give each side an option, but as you’re flipping it, you’ll notice the little voice in your head that whispers, “I hope it lands on __________ side.” Then you’ll know what you really want. Try it!

The penny’s answer never fails you.

The other day, I had to make a rather large decision. For my next visa run, I was deciding between Thailand or Laos. There were pros and cons to both – it may seem like Thailand would be the obvious choice, but there were actually a lot of reasons pulling me toward Laos. I seriously could not decide. So there I was, outside of my visa agent’s office, grabbing my trusty penny and asking it if I should go to Thailand or Laos.

As I flipped it, I heard my gut immediately say, “Please land on Thailand…” Sure enough, it did! I started laughing and it was WILD how relieved I felt. It’s so bizarre how much physical and mental strain a big decision can have. And then poof! The stress just went away because of my penny. But even if it had landed on the Laos option, I still would have chosen Thailand because the coin-flip made me realize what I truly desired.

Just like magic…


Yes or No Answer Coin

The Good Place: Chidi Making Trying To Make Decisions


Indecision is the greatest thief of opportunity.

Jim Rohn


Hello, all! 💙 I hope you had a wonderful week! It was a memorable week for me because I experienced my first fine dining experience – complete with edible flowers and displays that were created with tweezers/tongs (isn’t it interesting that the more delicate the dish, the higher the perceived value is?). Ooh la la! The great thing about living in Vietnam is you can experience fancy dinners like this for less than $60/person; whereas the same meal in the States would probably be over $300! Taking advantage while I can. 😂

The weekend was hot and sunny, so everyone in Da Nang was out and about. We went to the beach, enjoyed the pool, and even got a little tan line. Sitting in the sunshine on a January day reminded me of why this place is so special. So, if you’re reading this and want a fancy, affordable dinner, plus some beach time – come visit Da Nang! I’d be happy to be your tour guide. 😉

Sending you love and sun,


With Love Andrea 16

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