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Place Reminders On Random Journal Pages To Take A Digital Detox Day

Something I’ve been doing for years that has brought so much mindfulness into my life is using my Pause stickers. This Happy Planner sticker pack has a variety of “Unplug” and “Pause” stickers that are so useful! (Also, the entire sticker pack has been my absolute fave and has sooo many great mindfulness stickers – check it out if you’re a sticker fan!)

Whenever I start a new journal, I flip through to random pages and place one of these Pause stickers on the corner. So each journal will have about 12-15 Pause stickers randomly throughout its pages. Then, as I’m journaling, when I reach a Pause page, I have a digital detox. I do my best to have an entire day of detoxing, but sometimes I’ll just do a half-day if I have work I need to complete.

You definitely don’t need the stickers to do this, and you also don’t need to do this in your journal. You can even use your planner to do this and pick random days in your future and write “Pause” or whatever word you’d like to represent your Pause day. You can also choose what the day entails – instead of having a digital detox, you could make it your “Treat Yourself Day”, or maybe it’s a day where you promise yourself to watch your favorite movie. All that matters is that the days are random and they represent something positive for you.

The reason why this is so helpful is because it’s a “pattern interrupt.” Pattern interrupts are a common term in NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), and while they’re typically mentioned in regards to sales, they’re also very helpful in every day life. Essentially, they help you break out of autopilot mode. By sporadically disrupting habitual patterns in our daily routines (and also our thoughts), we can create space for more intentional, conscious choices, increasing our wellbeing. That’s why it’s helpful to place stickers like these on random journal or planner pages and make yourself promise to do the mindful activity once you reach the reminder.

Who knew little stickers could be so powerful?!


Pattern Interrupt: Redirect Your Thoughts In An Instant

The Happy Planner – Mood Tracking Sticker Pack


Sometimes a break from your routine is the very thing you need.


In just a few days, I’ll be on yet another visa run…but this time, it’ll be a visit to my hometown in the States!! This Monday is our last day in Da Nang and it has not hit me AT ALL that we are leaving. Ninh and I have been visiting our favorite restaurants and saying goodbye to all our friends. We spent an amazing weekend in Hoi An and took in the gorgeous lantern boats and rice fields. If you have not visited Vietnam yet, I highly recommend it! 😍

We will go up to Hanoi for a few days, and then I will leave on Saturday for America for a bit. It’s so strange to remember June of 2021, when I left Da Nang during the height of the pandemic. I’m glad this round will be a bit more normal.

I’ll miss this city, our building, and the lifestyle so much (dreaming of the massages!!), but I’m really excited to get some family and friend time in! I’m currently in the midst of packing, so I’ll keep this one short. 😂 Love to you all! The next Magic Monday will be coming from Spokane, WA – doesn’t feel quite real yet… 🙂

With love from Vietnam,


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