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Wear A NOW Watch To Always Stay In The Present Moment

Have you ever seen a watch that doesn’t actually tell you the time? While knowing the time can be important, what’s even more important is being in the moment. Being fully present. It’s so easy to get swept up in the busyness of life, and end up losing time. So this watch is the best reminder to pause and ‘steal back time.’

I bought this NOW Watch when I was working at KOMO TV because that job was literally dictated by the clock. So much of my work was dictated by the seconds on the clock – I felt like the clock controlled me. So I would wear this watch to remember to step into awareness. Many people at KOMO teased me for this ‘watch,’ but it honestly improved my mindfulness so much! In fact, that newfound mindfulness is what eventually motivated me to leave the TV station to live the life of my dreams!

I like to think that the watch reminds me to watch the world. Even today, I walked on the boardwalk of Edmonds and took in the beauty of the Puget Sound and the ferry going back and forth. No rush.


NOW Watch

NOW Watch (fancier version)


Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.

Eckhart Tolle


It is wild being back in the Seattle area! I lived in Seattle for 13 years, so it’s really special coming back and visiting all of my favorite spots again. It was also really fun traveling within my own state! I had never ridden the Amtrak train – it was an 8 hour journey from Spokane to Seattle (usually 4hours by car), but it was so fun to feel that sense of wanderlust so close to home.

I’m currently staying in Edmonds and visiting several friends for the week. I’ll be honest, I have a tendency to put pressure on myself to find magic and synchronicity. Sometimes I go into experiences thinking, “This will be an adventure day – magic will happen!” Then I stress if things are just…normal, ya know? (Hence, why my NOW Watch is one of my favorite belongings.) But this trip so far, I’ve completely removed any pressure and truly gone with the flow.

It’s so incredible how much magic has popped up without even looking for it. Many chance encounters, coincidences, and experiences that I never expected to happen. I think one of my highlights is seeing an older gentleman on the Edmonds boardwalk making giiiiiant bubbles with this big contraption he had made with sticks and a rope. Kids (and adults!) were running around trying to pop them. People walking by were SO happy and there was no one without a smile or laughter. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much! I think that’s the secret to ultimate joy: BUBBLES! 🫧🫧🫧

Have a magical, mindful week!! Remember to pause every now and then and just watch your life – it’s pretty special. xoxo

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