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Channel surf through your favorite years and discover long-lost memories

Nostalgia. One of the most magical feelings in the whole world.

I’d love to share a silly ‘magic trick’ that will make you feel as if you’re time traveling – and bring back waves of nostalgia.

Picture yourself as a kid in your living room, holding the remote and flipping through the channels (remember when we had to actually channel surf?!). You come across a summer time weather report, old cartoons, Dodge Caravan commercial, Home Improvement episode, Blues Brothers trailer, or a Matchbox 20 music video (can you tell I’m a 90’s kid?).

Life. Was. Good.

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These days, we consume our entertainment and news via streaming services and social media, so the days of channel surfing are long gone.

So let’s time travel, shall we?! Check out My Retro TV and I promise you, memories will come flooding back.


Turn on the TV of your favorite decade and start flipping through the channels. Not only can you can choose which decade you want to watch (from 1950 through the 2000’s), you can also select the exact year, as well as what types of content you want to see (or not see).

I was recently ‘channel surfing’ through 1997, remembering myself as a 10-year old who was obsessed with SNL, Survivor, and watching music videos. When I came across an old football game, I could remember Sundays at home in sweats with the sounds of the cheering and the commentators in the background. The next channel was the intro to Ghostwriters and it brought back memories of watching the show with my brother, trying to solve the mysteries together. And I’m currently writing this Magic Monday while listening to old favorites: Paula Cole’s “I Don’t Wanna Wait” and Shawn Colvin’s “Sunny Came Home.” And of course watching No Doubt perform, remembering the influence of Gwen Stefani’s hairstyles on all of us 90’s girls. 😂

Revisiting these years in this way makes my heart swell with nostalgia. It was a time when life seemed a lot simpler and I didn’t have the stresses of being an adult yet. 😂 My hope in sharing this with you is that you can time travel to your favorite years and have some long-lost memories come back to you as well.

While we can’t physically go back in time, we can remember and have a new sense of gratitude for our past. And most importantly, this reminds us that one day, we will look back at today and miss it.

So savor it NOW, while you’re in it.

Someday, today will be a long time ago.

On a Personal Note…

We’re just about halfway through 2024 – whoooooa! Can’t believe how fast time is flying! Just reinforces this Magic Monday’s trick. Embrace the presence while you’re in it, because damn, does time move quickly?!

Keeping this one short – just sending you all love. 🙂


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