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Moldavite, “The Ultimate Manifesting Stone,” Will Change Your Life

Have you heard of moldavite? It’s not a crystal, but a fascinating tektite (group of impact glasses from a meteor) – a transformative stone known as the “Ultimate Manifesting Stone” or “The Holy Grail Stone.” While I love crystals and stones, I’ve never strongly felt the energy of them; and moldavite was always on my list of stones to get. I had heard many stories of how it can completely transform lives.

Some consider it a “Cursed Stone” – many moldavite stories are about how a person’s life was absolutely flipped upside down…but leading them to exactly what they needed. For a long time, I was afraid this would happen if I eventually owned moldavite. Since I don’t really feel the energies or vibrations of crystals and stones, I do view them as placebos. When I read about any crystal’s effects, it plants a thought in my mind, and I begin to believe in it, which then manifests in my experience. Maybe it’s a true vibrational phenomenon, but for me, it’s been about the power of thought. And since I’m a stubborn Taurus, I choose to believe moldavite’s power without fearing it will disrupt my life.

I also hesitated to invest in moldavite, nervous about its potential to dramatically alter my life, but also because of its high price tag (they were always more than $100). But I believed that I would know when the time was right to get it. During my recent PNW road trip, I visited my favorite shop in Bothell, now called the East West Center for Self-Realization. I asked if they had moldavite and sure enough, they had a small piece. I knew it was finally time – especially when I saw the price of $40!

Having had it for a month, I already sense its transformative power. While it didn’t send tingles down my body like the man I bought it from said it would, I felt an exciting shift in my mindset—the belief that things would start happening. And indeed, significant events unfolded, including signing two wonderful clients within a week.

Last week, during a special day with my niece, Claire, I took her to a store I loved visiting in my childhood: Wonders of the World. While there, I spoke with the owner, Pamela, whom I remember from when I was Claire’s age. Out of curiosity, I asked if she had moldavite. “Of course! This store wouldn’t exist without moldavite!” Pamela shared her story of leaving a high-profile job and using a $30K severance package to start her successful gem business. She gave all the credit for her store and her success to moldavite.

I know this might sound strange, but while, yes, moldavite is powerful, I remind myself that I am sort of like human moldavite. We don’t necessarily need external crystals or stones to activate magic because we are the source. Crystals and stones can serve as catalysts, unlocking the magic within us. It’s our thoughts and beliefs (plus aligned action) that truly manifest our desires.

So, if you ever find yourself in a gem shop, be sure to check if they have moldavite. But remember, even without owning any, you are the “ultimate manifestor,” just like moldavite.


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You are enough. You have influence. You are a genius. You have a contribution to make. You have a gift that others need. You are the change. Your actions define your impact. You matter.


What a whirlwind the past month has been! I think the moldavite has been working its magic… 😉 I’ve been very busy with family time, my Mom retiring (yay!), new clients, and enjoying the summer in Spokane (best time of year)!

I could write and write and write all sorts of updates, but I just want to leave a little note of gratitude. If you’re reading this, just know that you are incredible and the world is better because you are in it. You are amazing and I hope you truly know that. If you’re ever down or feeling overwhelmed with the weight of the world, just know that you are not alone. I am always here to pick you up and give you a hug. I’m just a message away!

You are so so loved!



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