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Hitting A Low Point

The past couple of years have not been for the faint of heart. We have gone through so much as a collective, and if you’re like me, perhaps you’ve hit some low points. Whether it’s ups and downs in your mental health, going through some challenges in your reality, or making huge changes, there’s no doubt that we’ve all been put to the test.

Since I’m a digital nomad and have been traveling for the past 5 years, it means that I’m constantly going through transitions. Never really settling. When I recorded this podcast, the dust (sort of) settled and everything from the past couple of years caught up with me. I moved from Portugal to Bulgaria and had my visa and apartment for 3 months ready to go. So I could kind of breath. Well, taking a breath means that things that you have pushed down can suddenly make their presence known. That’s what happened with me.

I realized that I had been resting in my cocoon for so long, not actually taking action on my dreams. Even though I had been moving from country to country, while working on my business, I still didn’t feel like I was thriving.

Where Are You In The Metamorphosis Cycle?

Life is like the metamorphosis cycle of a butterfly. You likely already know that the metamorphosis cycle of a butterfly is the process when a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. It is a beautiful and fascinating process that involves several stages of growth and transformation – I like to focus primarily on the caterpillar, cocoon, and butterfly phases.

The Caterpillar Phase

The caterpillar is just living its life, eating and growing.

You’re usually in this phase if you’re just doing the same thing, day in and day out. You’re not really doing any internal or external work to elevate your life.

The Cocoon Phase

During this process, the caterpillar is in a chrysalis and is breaking its body down to turn into a butterfly.

You’re in this phase if you’ve got one foot in the past and one foot in the future. Maybe you’re doing some internal work and growing mentally or spiritually, but you’re not really taking action. The things you want to manifest aren’t yet physically in your life. If you’re in the cocoon, you may feel stuck – like you want to transform your life, but it’s not happening yet. It’s your comfort zone.

The Butterfly Phase

The butterfly emerges from the cocoon and takes flight.

You’re like a butterfly, once you take that leap of faith and start taking aligned action. Success is coming your way and your dreams are manifested in your reality.

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A Cycle We Experience Many Times

Here’s the thing, the metamorphosis cycle isn’t something we do once in our lifetimes. We can go through these phases thousands of times within our lifetime! We may even go through this each day!

The important thing to take away from this is the reminder to pause and take a look at where you’re at in the cycle right now. Then assess whether that’s where you want to be or not. If you’re in your cocoon, doing some deep shadow work and not ready to start promoting your business, that’s a-okay! Or maybe you’re a like a caterpillar, getting your bearings on your current situation and don’t have the desire yet to make any changes. That’s totally fine as well.

What matters is if you recognize if you’ve been in a phase for too long and you’re ready to move into the next phase. If you’ve been ‘procrasti-planning’ and getting all of your Instagram post templates ready for several months (guilty as charged), yet not actually posting – it’s time to post! It’s time to get out of your cocoon and start showing off your beautiful spirit!!

Let’s Fly

I’m with ya – I’m ready to fly, too! The phase I find myself consistently in is the cocoon phase – just working on myself, preparing, and planning. Here’s my reminder (and perhaps yours as well) to start doing whatever it is you’ve been preparing! Take action and start expressing yourself!

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Are you ready to fly with me??

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