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Create A Playlist & Use It As A Mental Music Montage

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2023 is right around the corner, so it’s the perfect time for all of us to start daydreaming about our visions of the next year! There are a gazillion journal prompts, goal-setting sheets, and exercises you can do to visualize. Vision boards, of course, are some of the best ways to visualize and manifest!

Here’s another ‘magic trick’ to add to your toolbox that I’d love to share: a mental music montage. You know the scene in all hero’s journey movies – the part where the main character is learning and practicing something in order to master or overcome it. Does anyone else get goosebumps during the music montage?! Montages don’t have to just be in movies, though; we can do this in our minds with whatever goals/visions we have!

Here are my recommendations for creating your own mental music montage:

  1. Write down whatever it is you’d like to accomplish or experience in 2023 in your journal or vision board so you have clarity and you’re putting it out into the Universe.
  2. Find music that speaks to you on Spotify or YouTube – perhaps from a favorite movie of yours. Ideally, it’s best to pick one song that can be 2023’s theme. You can pick a sweeping, emotional song, something badass, or a classic 80’s song. Whatever floats your boat!
  3. Listen to your theme song several times while visualizing yourself learning or doing whatever it is you want to accomplish this upcoming year. At the end of the song, visualize yourself on ‘the other side’ with this goal or desire having been met.
  4. Keep this song somewhere on your phone or computer, so you can listen to it periodically and daydream.

Have fun imagining your very own music montage!


My current favorite soundtrack playlist

Just for fun: a classic music montage


First learn stand, then learn fly. Nature rule, Daniel San. Not mine.

Mr. Miyagi


Happy Monday to you!! So let me tell you a little bit about haircuts in Vietnam… I went to get my haircut at my favorite salon in Da Nang, and I wish the Western world would pick up on the salon experience provided in Asia (haircuts in Thailand are equally incredible)!

The majority of the haircut is pretty status quo, but the best part is the hair washing. You go into a room that has twinkle lights on the ceiling, the light is dim, and sound is blocked off from the salon. The game-changer is that you get your hair washed while laying on a massage table – none of those neck-breaking chairs! It’s so nice laying down and daydreaming while looking at the fairy lights. And not only do they wash your hair, they also massage your head, shoulders, neck, and arms for a good 20 minutes – then give you a mini facial!

So I got my haircut, a mini massage/facial, and balayage highlights (something even my American hairstylist told me she didn’t want to do on me because it takes too much time 😂) – how much do you think that would cost??


Think lower…

Less than $60 (including tip)!!!

The point isn’t really how affordable it is (although that is a nice bonus!), but the service is just wonderful! So if you know of any hairstylists that want to have the best salon in town, tell them to replace those horrid washing chairs with a massage table!! 😉 I’m not kidding when I say that one of my first thoughts when I knew we were coming back to Da Nang was, “Yessss, I can finally get an incredible haircut again.” 😂

Moving on from hair… I hope you all have a magical week ahead. Each week, I spend time with my journal to map out my week and set an intention. This week’s intention is to be CONFIDENT and not give a expletive what others think. New hair, new woman!!! 💃

If you have an intention you’d like to set this week, I’d love to hear! We can hold each other accountable! 💙💙💙

Love you all.

With love,


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