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We Consume & We Express – But Don’t Forget To Take A Mental Break

Sometimes, we need to just unplug and have a little mental break. We are always consuming information through news, social media, social interactions, work, etc. And we’re equally expressing ourselves to the outside world. But what we often forget is the 3rd part of the puzzle: rest. Taking a break from consuming AND expressing is extremely important for our mental health!

This past weekend, I’ll be honest, I got a little overwhelmed. I am enrolled in a couple of memberships and courses, I’m on calls almost every day, and as a small business owner, I feel like I need to always be posting/promoting. Everything I’m pressuring myself to do just snowballed and felt like so much. Even with these Magic Mondays, I kept wondering if I was overwhelming my readers with too many ‘magic tricks.’ If I’m personally asking the Universe, “Can’t we just BE?!,” I wondered if you felt that way, too.

So this is our reminder that, yes, it’s imperative that we take breaks and just relax a bit. No thinking, no doing, no trying. Just being and enjoying the act of being – we are human BEings, after all!

So let’s do that be.

p.s. To honor this break, I’m keeping this post short and not including the ‘usuals.’ I hope you all have a magical week. ✨

With so much love,


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