Go On A Media Diet & Be Mindful Of What You Are Consuming

Well, hello!! It’s been a while!! I’m so happy to be back at it with my Magic Mondays! The past 2 months have been a whirlwind (I’ll leave my update down below), and I’m finally in a great routine (in Bulgaria!). So I think it’s time we bring back some modern magic, whatdya say??

Many times, certain diets are on trend, and I propose that the next diet trend should be about our media intake. 😉 This doesn’t mean cutting out media completely, it means being more mindful of the media we consume. Whether we realize it or not, media influences us to think and behave a certain way. Most of the time, it’s on a subconscious level and we don’t even know it’s happening (hence, why it’s called ‘programming’).

Take a moment to think of some of the popular shows that you watch and how they might be impacting your reality/perception of the world. Here are a few of my examples that I became aware of over the years:

  • When I watched The Real Housewives franchise, I noticed I always attracted drama into my life, and I was gossiping all the time.
  • When I watched Game of Thrones, I had the worst nightmares and always felt down.
  • When I watched news (and especially when I worked in news), I was living in a state of fear and my mind always went to the negative.

So I went on a media diet and changed what I consumed. I’m not saying any of the popular shows/movies/music is bad (well…maybe some of it 😂), but I just made my subconscious health my priority and fed it wholesome content.

So what do I watch instead? I just make sure there isn’t much violence or darkness in whatever I watch. Some people tease me about this, but I am the biggest fan of HALLMARK! Yes, that content is predictable and cheesy, but it makes me feel GOOD. There is no violence, danger, or crazy cliffhangers – just wholesome, sweet stories. My favorite shows are Good Witch and When Calls the Heart, in case you want to give this media diet a taste.

What I’ve noticed since I’ve changed my media intake that my stress levels are extremely low, I sleep better, and I feel more in control of my emotions. These days, I can immediately tell if a show is healthy for me or not. Recently, I was recommended Outlander and I so badly wanted to watch it; but after a couple of episodes, I just knew that it wasn’t right for me.

Maybe I just have really thin skin and am very susceptible to what I’m watching 😂 – but after working in TV for years, I did come to learn how it impacted us in a big way. I always felt so strange working in news, yet wishing no one would watch news daily. But I’ll leave you with this: everyone has different tastes, but just make sure that whatever you’re feeding your mind is nourishing you in a positive way. 💞


Our subconscious minds have no sense of humor, play no jokes and cannot tell the difference between reality and an imagined thought or image. What we continually think about eventually will manifest in our lives.



Long time, no see!! Greetings from Bansko, Bulgaria!! I’m so happy to be back in this beautiful mountain town – I’ve finally unpacked after a month of traveling through Germany with Ninh, and it feels so good! We’re all set up in our apartment, have a co-working office membership, and finally have a routine again. Hallelujah!

The past two months, I’ve been spending time with family, camping, and celebrating my Mom’s retirement. Then in July, I reunited with Ninh in Germany and explored Berlin and Munich. My heart has been so full.

A highlight of this recent adventure was visiting Garmisch, Germany. When I was 20, I took my very first big international trip to visit my brother, who was living and working in Garmisch at the time. When I was 20, I knew nothing about travel and certainly didn’t appreciate the journey as much as I should have. Going back as a 36-year old, I had tears in my eyes, remember the roads, restaurants, and even the train rides. Garmisch will forever be an important town to me, and going back with ‘new eyes’ was an experience that’s almost impossible to explain. So much gratitude!

Aside from my travels, business has been booming (moldavite really works!!) and I’m feeling absolutely in flow with my life. Stay tuned this week, I’m even bringing back my podcast (yay!)! Trusting the process and allowing the magic to flow through me. ✨

I’m so glad to be connected with you again. 💜

With so much love,


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