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Are you like me with minor tasks in the back of your mind that just never seem to get done? I love my to-do list habit and thankfully have been extremely productive, but there are sometimes little things that I say to: “It can wait,” or “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Then many ‘tomorrows’ go by and those little things still haven’t been done! This is why it’s helpful to block out a day (or large chunk of time) to devote to all those little things: a Life Admin Day.

We’re pretty good at blocking out time for social events, important meetings, kids’ recitals, etc. But when it comes to the minor tasks, we usually don’t save time for them because they can be done sporadically throughout our week. But that often leads to them never actually getting done. So if you can reserve one day per month, or even just 3-4 hours per month – it will help soooo much, I promise!

As you go through your week(s), take note of those tasks that you ‘can get to later,’ and make a Life Admin List. Then when you get to your Life Admin Day/Time, you don’t need to waste time and energy thinking about what you need to get done.

Little task examples include:

  • Return texts/emails/messages
  • Schedule appointments
  • Brainstorm ideas for your passion project or business
  • Plan out your week or month
  • Declutter desktop/car/dining room/etc.
  • Unsubscribe from all those email lists you never read (hopefully I make the cut 😉)

Tip: Try to make your Life Admin Day/Time the same every month or week, so it’s more likely to happen and you can plan around it!

Small tasks that we put off accumulate and get harder to complete sporadically throughout our days. That’s why having designated time to get these things off your list is extremely beneficial for your wellbeing!


My favorite pocket notebooks for my life admin and to-do lists

Download Notion (free) to easily make lists or organize anything


Most people consider life a battle, but it is not a battle, it is a game.

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Helloooooo, and welcome to December!! Can you believe it’s almost 2023?!? Time is flying, that’s for sure! As we enter the holiday season, this is a time when we can easily get caught up in the whirlwind of life and doing-all-the-things. This is a reminder to myself, and maybe you need to hear it too – but don’t forget to pause every now and then. Soak it all up and trust that it will all get done (maybe during our Life Admin Day 😉).

The more mindful we are, the slower time moves.

This past week, Ninh and I bought some Christmas decorations. 🥳🎄 It’s still 80+ degrees here, so sometimes I forget that it’s Winter! Christmas is my favorite time of year and I looooooove decorating and all the traditions that come with the holidays. So we got a little tree, garlands, and lights to get into the holiday spirit. Life as a nomad means you can’t really go all out because we’ll likely give away the decorations at some point. But thankfully, everything is very affordable here – a string of Christmas lights that have multi-color & white lights with 7 different settings are only $2!!!! So I very much enjoy relaxing in our apartment with the lights sparkling – and Christmas ambience videos, of course!

Have a wonderful week – enjoy the small moments! XO

With love,


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