This week’s card completely shocked me! I love moments when there is such a strong coincidence, that it practically proves that magic is real! This week’s reading was one of those moments. 😂

Last week, I pulled “Grounding,” and since Da Nang is currently in a lockdown, there wasn’t much else to do than be still. I was definitely ‘grounded’ this week – and I loved it! I broke through some mental blocks and gained a new burst of energy and motivation! 💪🏽

It’s extremely ironic that this past week, I pretty much stayed inside working on my passion project – and then I pulled this week’s card and….well, it’s worth checking out my reaction. Definitely the reminder we all need under the current circumstances.

To skip to the reading, go to 7:00.

Thank you for being here – I hope you have a magical week!

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