I’m fascinated by the topic of manifesting – it’s something that I haven’t quite perfected, but I’ve had enough ‘wins’ that I truly believe in its power.

One day I watched an @illuminatingjoy video on how to manifest a rainbow and I gave the method a try. Right after I did the meditation, I looked outside, hopeful that my bright rainbow would appear. It was not there and I doubted the process or wondered if I did something wrong.

So I forgot about it…

Then, 3 days later, I happened to look outside my window and my breath was taken away! A beautiful rainbow!! It was perfect – directly in front of my window and no other clouds in the sky. A tingly, magical feeling was in my body. This sounds weird, but I just knew I had created that rainbow. I knew that rainbow was for me.

In the video below, I share my reaction to seeing how the method worked, plus I give 4 simple steps on how you can do it, too!

These steps don’t just apply to manifesting rainbows, you can do this for anything you desire.

1. Imagine and Smile
2. Believe
3. Release Resistance
4. Let it Go

With faith and patience, anything is possible!! πŸ’™

Thank you so much for watching – I’m really enjoying creating these videos and I intend to continue making more. I love sharing ideas on how to make your life more magical. ✨

You are magic!

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