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Are you ready to meet your new favorite voice? Let me introduce you to Jason Stephenson – a meditation and sleep guide with a soothing Australian accent. My friend Elaine told me about Jason years ago, and I began listening to his meditation videos on YouTube. Over the years, I’ve tried listening to so many other guides, but there is just something about Jason’s voice, storytelling, and music that gets me into a state of relaxation instantly.

Jason has been creating meditation videos on YouTube since 2011, and he has videos for just about any topic you can imagine. I recommend checking out his YouTube channel: Jason Stephenson – Sleep Meditation Music and search any topic you’d like. Whether you want a guided meditation/visualization wandering through a forest, something to grow your confidence, or meet your future self…or even affirmations to listen to while working – he’ll have an audio for it.

What Jason is known for, though, is his sleep meditations. If you want to fall asleep fast, lucid dream, quantum jump, or overcome insomnia, I think you’ll really enjoy his videos. And trust me, they WORK! I always fall asleep while listening. I used to wake up from restful sleeps with my earbuds still in my ears. 😂

Speaking of, I found a solution for listening to meditations in bed so your ears don’t hurt from earbuds. I use my bluetooth headband (linked below) for meditations – and to also watch shows so they don’t disturb Ninh. 😉  They have been a game changer!

The best part about Jason’s audios is that as you drift off to sleep while listening to his visualizations, you are primed to have the most fantastical dreams! What you listen to and think about as you begin falling asleep directly impacts your sleep and dreams – so might as well make your last waking thoughts be peaceful and imaginative, right?

Let me know if you check his videos out and find any favorites! Have fun and sweet dreams! 🌙


One of my favorite meditations: Meet Your Personal Spirit Guide

Sleep Headphones/Bluetooth Headband


At any point in our lives, we have the potential to do what we want to do – to recognize our dreams and to go out and live them.



Cheerio!! I hope you all had a wonderful week/weekend! This past week was extremely busy and eventful (which is part of the reason why I wanted to share Jason Stephenson because his meditations are helping me stay centered during the busyness!) – but I made a lot of memories!

Ninh and I went to a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at a BBQ restaurant in town. It was fun celebrating the holiday with people from all over the world. Of course all the Americans were sharing the classic Thanksgiving ‘traditions’ back at home: cranberry sauce in a can, making sandwiches with the buns and leftovers, and starting the dinner at 1pm. 😂 I was so happy to have a nice meal in a happy setting – lots to be grateful for!

Another fun memory made was having high tea at the Windsor Tea House. The owner, Jan, has done an amazing job with his tea house (his scones are to die for); so it was fun seeing him again after a couple of years. Plus, he has all sorts of fancy hats and fascinators to make your tea party extra fancy!

I hope you all have a wonderful, magical week! XOXO

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