Interpreting Dreams By Re-Enacting Different Dream Symbols

I’ve been extremely quiet on social media lately, and that’s because I have been working so hard behind the scenes on my business and with my clients. One of the things I’m so so excited to have finished is my Dream Therapy & Analysis program! I’m officially a DREAM THERAPIST! I’m beyond thrilled to be able to go beyond just interpreting – now I have an amazing toolkit where I can apply therapeutic techniques that facilitate emotional healing and personal growth for dreamers. 🙂

I’ve been researching dreams since 2016, and I remember coming across the Gestalt Therapy dream interpretation technique a couple times. But it wasn’t until this program that I finally dived deep into it and I’d love to share this magic trick with you!

Gestalt Therapy for Dream Interpretation

Gestalt Therapy suggests that dreams contain parts of ourselves, including aspects we may not be fully conscious of. Through this approach, every component of a dream is seen as a representation of the dreamer’s own life and feelings. The unique aspect of Gestalt dream interpretation that makes it a favorite method of mine is the interactive approach; it has the dreamers re-enact their dreams and take on the roles of various elements within them.

Here’s an example of using this technique with a dream my client had:

A Client’s Experience

I recently worked with a client who shared a vivid dream (I have their permission to share their dream) of being lost in a dark and dense forest, unable to find a path out. They were being followed by a large, mysterious animal. I used the Gestalt method, and we unpacked this dream by personifying the key dream symbols.

I had my client close their eyes and when I brought up the different elements of their dream, I had them speak AS that specific element.

  1. The Forest: As they spoke as the forest, they described feelings of isolation and confusion but also a sense of ancient wisdom and growth. We continued and they interpreted this as feeling lost in their personal journey, but also recognizing their own potential for finding direction through introspection.
  2. The Path: Speaking as the path, my client (/the path) had a desire to emerge but difficulty being seen clearly. This symbolized the client’s struggle in identifying clear goals or directions in life.
  3. The Animal: Lastly, embodying the animal caused a surprising shift in perspective. My client discovered that the animal, rather than being threatening, represented an under-utilized strength and instinctual drive they had within them.

They realized that in order to feel confident on their path, they needed to trust their intuition more and embrace their innate strengths that they’ve been neglecting. They realized they hadn’t actually taken the time to get quiet and listen to their intuition of what they want to do. They were so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that they were just on autopilot.

The Benefits of Gestalt Dream Interpretation

  1. Enhanced Self-Awareness: By actively engaging with your dreams, you can uncover (and confront) hidden beliefs and emotions.
  2. Emotional Integration: This method leads to expressing suppressed emotions, and creates psychological relief, so you can have more adaptive emotional responses in daily life.
  3. Conflict Resolution: By recognizing and addressing the conflicts represented in dreams, you can find pathways to resolution and healing in your waking life.

Gestalt Dream Interpretation is a powerful method for understanding our inner world. As we explore dreams through the lenses of our dream symbols, we discover valuable insights into our desires, fears, and challenges. Sweet dreams…


In each of us is another whom we do not know. He speaks to us in dreams and tells us how differently he sees us from the way we see ourselves.

Carl Jung



Something else I’ve been working on ‘behind the scenes’ is my Dream Guidebook! I would love to share it with you – you just need to click on the button below and you’ll be able to preview or download for your use!

This Guidebook includes so much information about dreams, how to integrate into your waking life to make it better, and templates that will help you remember and interpret your dreams.

  • Intro to Dreams
  • Benefits, misconceptions, 
  • D.R.E.A.M. Method to easily remember your dreams
  • How to interpret your dreams
  • Overcoming nightmares
  • How to lucid dream
  • Integrating dreamwork into your reality to make it better
  • Prompts to understand your dreams/dream symbols
  • Common dream symbols and what they might represent

Templates Included:

  • Daily Residue
  • Dream Journal Entry
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Dream Audit


This past week, I was reminded of the importance of feeling like a kid again. I went with a group of friends to Bana Hills, which has the iconic Golden Hands Bridge. People come to Da Nang just to see that bridge, but what most people don’t know, is that there is an entire theme park as well! Imagine Disneyland on top of a big mountain, filled with castles, gardens, and themed areas to explore.

I was unbelievably happy! The last time Ninh and I visited Bana Hills was in 2020, which was incredible because there were hardly any people there. This time, it was a lot busier – BUT – they had finished many of their construction projects. This included a couple of giant castles that I could have spent all day exploring!

What was so special, though, was watching all the grown adults walking around with big grins on their faces. We did the large swing ride and it was so cute to watch everyone, from young to old, screaming and shouting with joy! Just goes to show that we’re all kids in adult bodies. 😂

Hope you have a magical week – don’t forget to PLAY!

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