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We’ve all played games at some point in our lives, from traditional board games to sophisticated video games. Games are essentially a form of play, an activity that is inherently appealing, engaging and even addictive. What if we could channel this gaming mindset into our daily lives? What if life IS simply that: a grand game!

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Unlocking Life’s Game

In a recent episode the Dream Life Connection podcast, I talked about a major perspective shift that makes life a lot more fun: looking at life as a video game. My inspiration for this episode came from a citywide scavenger hunt organized by a future German Shark Tank contestant. While I was playing this game, I realized that I was so much more motivated and fearless. I was on a MISSION! This experience showed me how games have the power to spark a new perspective on everyday challenges.

Life: A Simulation

One captivating concept I discussed during the podcast involved viewing life as a simulation, drawing parallels with video gaming. This is a powerful tool for understanding our natural skills and finding ways to enhance them. Much like avatars in a video game, each of us possesses unique skills and abilities. Identifying these talents and working to improve them is just like leveling up in a game.

Creating Personal Missions

Missions are central to many games, and life is no different. We have the power to create our missions, set our goals, and actively work towards them, much like in a video game. A compelling mission can make life more engaging, giving us a sense of purpose and direction.

I talked about my obsession with Animal Crossing and Disney’s Dreamlight Valley. In Animal Crossing, there is definitely an agenda, but not quite a full story that you need to complete with a big challenge to overcome. Whereas Dreamlight Valley is an entire story with a big mission to complete (bring back the villagers and their memories to restore the valley). I like to view my life similar to the character in Dreamlight Valley – I’m on a mission to bring back the magic in our reality! 😉

Mastering the Money Game

A significant part of my discussion revolved around money, a common life stressor for many. Again, I encourage you to adapt to the perspective of viewing money as another game that we can master. By detaching emotions from money and seeing it as a tool or a game, we can develop a healthier financial mindset. Just like in a video game, we have to spend money to make more money – just be smart about your investments.

Life is the Ultimate Game

In essence, I encourage you to redefine life as an exciting game and every challenge is a chance to level-up. Whether it’s about enhancing our skills, mastering the money game, or dealing with life’s quests, the gaming perspective can be a game-changer [pun intended]. It can make life more engaging, less stressful, and a lot more fun.

After all, isn’t that what games are all about?

The next time you’re faced with a challenge, remember – it’s just another quest in the grand game of life. Embrace it, overcome it, and level up. Let’s go playyyyy!

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