Body Doubling With People Around The World To Maximize Productivity

I have to be honest, FocusMate is probably one of my most impactful ‘modern magic tricks’ I currently use. Since I started using it, my productivity has easily doubled, if not tripled! FocusMate is a platform where you team up with someone around the world for focused work sessions lasting 25, 50, or 75 minutes. You begin each session by stating your work goal, then mute your microphone, but keep your camera on (this is called ‘Body Doubling,’ which helps with accountability). At the end of the session, you recap what you completed and have a friendly chat.

The progress I’ve made with FocusMate is insaaaaane. The productivity boost is one of the strongest benefits, but what I value the most from FocusMate is the connections I’ve made while meeting with so many different and unique people. I’ve met some truly incredible people and even made new friends through the platform! I’ve even teamed up for regular sessions with my best friend, Shayna, back in Washington. It’s a unique way to stay connected while living on the other side of the world.

I was reeeeally nervous when I had my first session. The idea of being on camera with someone random while working seemed a tad stressful for some reason. But. don’t worry, during your first few sessions, you get paired with experienced users who can offer guidance. In fact, my very first session was with a welcoming woman, and we have since stayed in touch. We ended up becoming each other’s clients! You truly never know who you’ll meet!

FocusMate has the ability to instantly get me into focus-mode. And sometimes, when I have tasks that take a bit more focus than usual, I just sign up for a long session. Then I feel so much relief because I know I will finally complete the task.

Here are a few more of the advantages of using FocusMate:

  1. You can do anything you want during the sessions – it doesn’t need to be just computer work. I’ve worked with people who were painting, meditating, doing laundry, or even playing the piano.
  2. You can choose to match with people of the same gender, ensuring you’re comfortable during sessions.
  3. It’s very affordable! You get three free sessions a week, or you can pay $70 per month for unlimited sessions.
  4. There’s a spinoff group of FocusMate users who meet via Zoom every Friday. If you prefer a group setting, you can join the Zoom call at any time and work on various tasks.
  5. If you’re not comfortable talking on camera, you can use the chat-only option for communication.
  6. You can sometimes find potential clients or leads by talking about your work!
  7. There is a “Favorites” option so you can regularly meet with your fave partners.
  8. The best part? You get to meet fascinating people from all around the world! Everyone has a bio and a location, so you can connect with people near and far.

So if you have any projects, tasks, or routines you want to follow-through with, I highly recommend you try FocusMate for the accountability! FocusMate has the ability to instantly get you into focus-mode.

If you decide to join FocusMate and would like to schedule a session with me, here’s my link! I regularly participate in sessions and would love to work together on the other side of the camera if you want to give it a try! 😊

✨Magic Monday Archive Episode✨

This week’s mini podcast episode is about using a ‘Notebook of Names’ in order to remember names and updates better. If you want to make people extremely special, I highly recommend implementing this trick. It not only makes the people you meet feel like gold, but you’ll feel like a better friend for remembering big and small updates.


“Alone we can do so little;
together we can do so much.”

-Helen Keller


Hellooooooo! Happy Monday! Second week in Vietnam, and it feels like I’ve been here for months. This past week was filled with yoga, peanut butter lattes, dinners with friends, live music, and several deliveries from Lazada (Vietnam’s Amazon). 😂 Settling in, that’s for sure. 😉

Did you have a magical 11/11?? It’s one of my favorite days of the year! I always love 11/11, but I always remind myself that it doesn’t need to be 11/11 in order for the day to be special. EVERY day can be just as magical. ✨

So happy 11/13!! 😉

I’ll keep it short and sweet – I hope you have a beautiful week ahead! Sending you lots of love and warmth. 🙏

XO, Andrea

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