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Spring is in the air, the solar eclipse is upon us, and we’ve made it to another magical Monday! Perfect time for some dreaming, right?! Do you remember making dream maps (or dream bubbles) in elementary school? I was thinking that activities like this shouldn’t just be for kids. Adults have dreams, too!

I feel this is the perfect time to create your own dream map so you can start manifesting your dream reality. The solar eclipse’s cosmic energy is a potent catalyst for change and introspection – think of it like nature’s giant reset button. So let’s capitalize on this magical energy if you’re feeling called to do so…

A gentle reminder: I’d love to share a little note stating that I fully recognize that there can be a lot of pressure to do big things during the eclipse, solar events, or any time really. My intention is to never make you feel like there’s something you need to do; this is just a nice magical tool to use if you feel called. Sometimes the best thing you can do is nothing at all! Whatever resonates with you… 🤍

Here’s How To Create A Dream Map:

1. Current Reality MAP

Start on one side of a blank piece of paper by listing out all aspects of your current reality. (You can also do this in your journal like I did.) What’s your day-to-day like? What fills you with joy, and what weighs you down? What do you spend most of your time doing? Get it all down in black and white.

2. Dream Reality MAP

Now, let’s dream. On the other side, conjure up your dream reality. Like when we were kids, I like to draw a big fluffy cloud at the top of the page to represent my dreams. Then I draw a ladder leading into the clouds – each rung represents an action step that leads me one step closer to my goals. You can do this any way you want – as long as you dream big. Write down everything you’d love to be, do, and have.

Here’s how I did it in my journal, before I mapped everything out (*ahem* I am def not an artist… 😂).


The solar eclipse is the perfect time to sit in silence and meditate/visualize with your new dream map in hand. Climb your ladder and complete each goal in your mind, until your cloud is no longer just a dream. See (and feel) yourself transitioning from your current reality map to your dream reality map, calling in the Universe to help bridge the gap.

Why It Works

Reality Mapping during a solar eclipse acts as a powerful manifestation tool because it combines the important practice of visualization with focused intention. As you outline your current & dream realities onto paper, you’re not just daydreaming, you’re vividly creating your future in your mind. The ladder symbolizes actionable steps, grounding your aspirations in reality. The solar eclipse heightens the spiritual and emotional energies involved in transformation. Through this activity, you can channel the solar eclipse’s energy into aligning your reality with your dreams and objectives, giving you purpose and clarity.

More Solar Eclipse Magick:

Here are a few other ideas you can do to capture today’s powerful energy:

  • Plant a Seed: Literally and symbolically. Plant a seed and allow the flower/plant to represent a dream you’d like to grow.
  • Moon Water: Place distilled water in glass jars and label each jar with an intention. Charge the water under the eclipse and each day after, drink from one of the jars. Focus on the intention as you drink from the jar.
  • Moonlit Dance: Freely move under the night sky. Dance to unleash energy and express yourself – when was the last time you did this??
  • Mirror Talk (or Water Reflections): Have a heart-to-heart with your reflection. Speak with your reflection in the mirror (or water) and pretend you’re speaking with your future self.
  • Sound Bath: It’s surprising how frequencies can completely shift your mood! Listen to a sound bath and instantly feel better. Here’s one that I’ve been listening to lately.
  • Digital Detox: Unplug to connect deeper. In the time away from screens, hear your inner voice clearly.


Don’t be afraid of the shadows that hide the light. They can only eclipse it for a short amount of time.


Hi, lovely friends! I hope the past couple of weeks have magical for you! I experienced a highlight of my life last week and it has to do with a…..bug. 

Ninh and I traveled to Ninh Binh and explored the beautiful city. We also went on the iconic river tour and it was breathtaking; truly nothing you’ve ever seen before!

But the highlight of the trip happened spontaneously when we were making our way to our hotel on the first night (Fairy Mountain Retreat…does it get any better?!). It was late at night and we were walking down a long, winding road, listening to the frogs and crickets. And then I started noticing sparkles in the dark.

FIREFLIES!!! I’ve never seen fireflies in my life – and it’s been a dream of mine since I was a kid to see them (that’s what happens when your Aunt is an entomologist 🪲). And there they were, flying all around us, blinking on and off. It truly was so so magical! I wanted to cry, I was so filled with joy.

Each night during our trip, I was so excited to go back down that road to watch the sparkles. As if we were seeing teeny, tiny fairies on the way to our fairy mountain retreat. 🧚🏼‍♂️✨

Sending lots of sparkly magic your way!


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