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Draft action steps as if you already have the outcome you desire.

This magic trick actually came to me from a dream! In my dream, I was about to have a really important meeting; before the meeting, I wrote an email thanking the other person for hiring me. Even though the meeting hadn’t happened and I wasn’t hired yet, I wrote the email with the goal of sending it right after the meeting. Then I saved the email in my drafts folder. The next scene in my dream, I was really excited and happy – and pressing Send on the email I had already written because I had been officially hired!

Writing this draft email was actually a twist on scripting. Scripting, in regards to manifestation, is the practice of writing detailed descriptions of desired outcomes as if they have already happened, aligning the subconscious mind with conscious intentions and utilizing the principles of the Law of Attraction to manifest goals and desires. Scripting is usually a journaling practice where you write in present tense, and your writing is specific, detailed, and filled with positive emotion.

So now let’s add the little twist and take it a step further – I’m calling it ‘Drafting.’ Instead of just writing a script in your journal, you can literally draft messages or prepare anything with the intention of closing the circle of completion. You’re essentially assuming the preferred outcome will happen, and preparing everything as if it’s already done.

Here are some examples of Drafting:

  • Write a draft email, thanking your boss for a raise.
  • Create a social media graphic celebrating a follower milestone.
  • Write a draft Out Of Office reply, prepping you for the dream vacation you want to take.
  • Design a housewarming party invitation to send after you get into your dream home or apartment.
  • Write an invoice for your first high-ticket client.

To give an example, pretend you’re about to have a discovery call with a client and you used this Drafting trick to draft your high-ticket invoice, ready to send. When you’re talking with this potential client, act as if they’ve already hired you and stick to the rate you already created the invoice for. You’re more likely to achieve this result because you’ve already prepared for it.

It’s not just writing and visualizing – it’s about taking action steps that normally happen after you achieve what you want. By taking these actions before the desired outcome, you’re creating clarity and closing the gap between dreaming and reality. Just like magic….


You’ll see it when you believe it.

-Wayne Dyer


Well, hello! I want to share a message that has come to me throughout the past week. After receiving 60+ emails about black Friday deals and new program offerings for the end of the year, it just felt like….a lot. It made me wonder if my emails ever overwhelmed my readers. I’ll admit, I have a long list of ideas for future podcast episodes and Magic Monday emails. Since there are so so many useful tools and magic tricks that can help us every day, my list is very very long.

The truth is, sometimes the amount of information, offerings, and personal development content we receive can be overwhelming. I have to remind even myself that the best thing you can do is listen to yourself. Listen to your intuition on what is best for you. Remove all the clutter, the deals, the formulas – and return to the basics.

So my hope is that these Magic Mondays never overwhelm you or make you feel like you need to always be doing something. The intention behind these emails is to share a variety of tools that you can use ~when you need them~. Some tricks will resonate, and some will not. I just hope that if you ever feel like you need an extra dose of magic, one of these tricks can provide a sense of comfort and inspiration.

I write each email from the heart, I don’t use AI, and you can reply to these emails directly to me. Human connection and authenticity is paramount these days.

I just wanted to share that in case you’re feeling similarly to me. Sometimes going back to basics is the best magic trick of all…

Beyond grateful for you,

With Love Andrea 49
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