Try Day-Blocking To Increase Your Productivity & Mental Energy

I’m sure you’ve all heard of time-blocking and the value of spacing out your day/tasks in chunks. I can’t tell you how many times I created schedules for my days where I would time block specific tasks at specific times. I can only speak for myself, but it never seemed to work or stick for me.

Then I decided to try “day-blocking.” I don’t know if that’s a term yet, but I can tell you right now, it has COMPLETELY transformed my productivity and how I feel about my days!

Here’s the thing – with time blocking, I was always trying to do so many different tasks throughout each day. So my focus was always broken and it was hard for me to shift from one task to the other.

With Day-Blocking, I separate my tasks/themes into days, instead of time blocks. I know everyone will have different tasks/activities that they need to complete, but it has worked wonders for me.

I’ll share my example in case that inspires you! Since I am doing Virtual Assistant work as well as coaching, I have a variety of tasks that I need to do each day. So here is what my week looks like:

Monday: Plan/Research/Engage – I plan out my week, do SEO research for blog posts, heavily engage on social media

Tuesday: Design – I create all graphics for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube

Wednesday: Schedule – I create and schedule all posts for the following week on Meta, Tailwind, and Buzzsprout

Thursday: Copy – I write blog posts, copy for podcasts, and emails

Friday: Leftovers – I typically do more engagement and anything extra for my clients/businesses

It’s been so helpful because instead of wearing so many ‘hats’ each day, I can instead focus on one type of task each day, making it flow easier. It’s also been a lot easier to schedule my weekly calls, since I know exactly what I need to accomplish and which days are a bit busier.

Also, since I have this consistent schedule, I go into each day with the right mindset. Ever since I started doing this, I finally got AHEAD of schedule. And for someone who was voted “Biggest Procrastinator” in my high school, this is a BIG deal!

So if you have a consistent set of tasks or clients or projects that you can divide into specific weekdays, this method may benefit you. It not only helps with productivity, but also takes a weight off your shoulders because you’re not exerting so much mental energy on switching between tasks. 💙


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Hi magical friends!

This past week was another busy week, mixed with lots of work, moving apartments again, and mini-adventures. One of the things I love about Da Nang is that you can walk 15 minutes to a fancy resort and spend all day on the private beach with hammocks, a pool, and daybeds – all for $20! That’s another ‘magic trick’ I highly recommend – if you can’t take a full vacation, get a day pass to a resort and you’ll get that magical vacation feeling. So rejuvenating!

I’m preparing for another visa run this week – but this time it’ll be a trip to Laos. It’ll be an exhausting day, but I’m excited to see more of Vietnam and be in Laos again for a little bit. I’m sure I’ll have some interesting stories to tell in next week’s Magic Monday!

I hope you have a wonderful week. Let me know if you end up testing Day-Blocking and if it helps you or not! xoxo

With love,


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