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Impulse Buying vs. Conscious Buying

Recently I sat down and went over all the things I’m subscribed to, and also looked over some of my recent larger purchases. I realized that I was spending a decent amount of money on things that I just don’t need right now. Why did I buy that course? Why am I paying for this membership that I’m not active in? What good was buying those sunglasses that I never wear?

Most people are guilty of making impulse buys. I’m pretty good with my money, but I can definitely be an impulse buyer if I stumble across something at a more vulnerable time. Sometimes I get so excited about something that I overlook if it’s actually a worthy investment or not. So after I did my little audit, I then went through the process of unsubscribing, canceling, and returning. It felt so good to get rid of the ‘impulse clutter!’ I felt lighter and I was happy knowing I was saving more money!

I couldn’t help but wonder, “Why do I make these impulse buys?! How can I make sure I don’t get caught up in the excitement of new item/course/membership/etc.?” I knew needed to strengthen my financial discipline. 😂

So then I imagined a door…

Imagine desired purchase behind a locked door

I decided that when there is something I want to buy, I need to imagine it behind a locked door. And the key to that door can only be attained by answering certain questions. And my answers to these questions determines if I get that key to unlock the door (in other words, if the purchase is worthy or not).

I call it “Conscious Buying.” Sometimes I get so swept up in something that I don’t even think about what I’m buying. “Omg, the sunglasses are 30% today?! Here, take my money!!” 🤦‍♀️ But by pausing and really processing the purchase, I can feel better with whatever it is I’m buying (or my decision not to buy it).

Some questions to answer before I buy

There are several questions I need to answer before I make a big (or small!) purchase now. A few of them are:

  1. Am I bored? Sometimes we buy things just because we’re bored and subconsciously want a rush of dopamine.
  2. Have I slept on this? It’s important to sleep on it, because often times the next day our craving for the purchase will fade.
  3. Can I buy two of these? I’ve always appreciated this financial tip: If you can’t buy two of these things right now, you can’t afford it.
  4. Am I envious of someone who has it? Just because someone else gets compliments on their designer bag doesn’t necessarily mean we should get it too.

Free Conscious Buying Decision Guide

Conscious Buying Decision Guide Download Questionnaire

So as I was thinking of questions to ask myself before I can ‘unlock that door,’ I started creating a questionnaire that I can refer to any time I need. Then I got reeeeeally into it, and decided to make it something that other people can utilize, too! So I created a little ‘Decision Guide’ that has the questionnaire and answer key. So if you’re like me and occasionally make silly purchases, my hope is that this questionnaire can help you like it does for me.

If you might find it useful, you can preview and download the guide by clicking on the button below. When you get to the download page, just scroll down and click on the ‘Conscious Buying’ image.

While you’re there, you’ll also see a few other resources you can preview and download. I’ve clearly been in a creative streak lately! 😉 I hope you enjoy!!


Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver. 

Ayn Rand

On a Personal Note…

Last week, Ninh and I went PARAGLIDING!!!! Wow oh wowwwww, what a RUSH! I have been wanting to paraglide in Da Nang for years now, and so Ninh decided to gift me the experience for my birthday. 🥳 It was one of the highlights of my life!


And in classic Vietnam fashion, there wasn’t a long demo or an hour of instructions (not even 5 minutes!). We rode to the top of the mountain, they put us in a harness, and said, “When I say run, you run and don’t stop!”

1, 2, 3 “RUN!”

It was equally terrifying, yet exhilarating. Did I fear for my life? Maybe a little – but who doesn’t when they’re paragliding?! So I ran and then wooooosh – I was flying like a bird over the jungle. One of the greatest feelings EVER. It was absolutely magical.

Flying over Lady Buddha, seeing the panoramic view of Da Nang, and all the fishing boats; I was in awe the entire time. Words really can’t describe the feeling. All I can say is that birds are SO lucky!!

Wishing you all a magical week ahead! XO

Gratitude always,

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