Live Your Dreams

Special 1:1 Sessions
to connect you with your true Self & dream life.

Guidance Andrea Tree

Rediscover your magic.

You CAN live the life of your dreams! Our society has stripped us of our innate magic and made us believe that the ‘normal’ life path is the only path. But deep down, you know that you’re not normal, right?!

When we work together, you will experience:
+ Breakthroughs and awareness of how special you are
+ Alignment with your intuition and the courage to follow it
+ Magic and synchronicity every day (it will give you goosebumps!)
+ Whimsical dreams, better sleep, and lucidity
+ A reboot in your creativity
+ Manifesting confidence, abundance, and joy
+ Leaving the ‘normal’ life path and creating your own

This is only the beginning…

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Who is this guidance for?

The Curious

You are someone who daydreams about a life that perhaps you’re not living right now. You’re an open-minded spirit who is ready to dive into dreamwork, spirituality, and the deepest parts of your Self.

Guidance Curious Dreamer
Guidance Hopeful Dreamer

The Hopeful

You are an empathetic soul that tries to not let the worries of the world bring you down. You have an immense hope for the world, but you don’t even know where to begin. You’re ready to focus on your own world, knowing this will inspire others to do the same – elevating us all into a higher frequency.

The Unique

You march the beat of your own drum and don’t always follow along with mainstream trends. You’re a kid at heart that wants to live a fairytale life – even if the world says that’s not possible (we both know it IS). You are ready to own your magic and stand in your power!

Guidance Playful Dreamer

Dreamers just like you…

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What You Will Receive


Bi-Weekly Video Calls

One-on-one calls on the platform of your preference where we will dive deep into meditations, heart-felt conversations, mini courses with presentations, and methods that will instantly make your life happier and more magical. Each call is one hour, structured, and will be tailored to your individual needs.


Practical Life-Changing Tools

I’m a Taurus, so of course I infuse everything with practicality – we will have our heads up in the clouds during our sessions, but we will also have many practical, grounding goodies to carry you forward in your reality. Some of these goodies are: your customized Dream Life Workbook, unique writing methods to connect with your intuition, NLP and manifestation exercises, meditations, self-discovery activities, templates, and a good friend you can reach out to any time. xo


Check-Ins and Support

Don’t worry, I don’t give you homework (I like to call it ‘enrichment’) and then leave you alone. I want to help you, every step of the way. I will be checking in, as well as sending tips, practice prompts, and other fun stuff. You can always reach out to me if you ever need some guidance or just a chat.


Surprises Just for YOU

Sometimes there is a lot of magic in what you don’t expect. Throughout our time together, you will receive a few surprises here and there, made just for you. I want each person I work with to feel special and loved. And who doesn’t love surprises?!


Paying it Forward

I’m a huge proponent of teaching kids how to write and discover their creativity (once a teacher, always a teacher!). This is why 5% of every sale will be donated to The Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas in your honor. This is a wonderful nonprofit that helps kids from different backgrounds learn the art of writing and storytelling. Let’s pass the magic on!


A New, Dreamy Life

The best gift of all is seeing your world with new eyes. After our sessions, you will have shifted perceptions, easy ways to connect with your intuition, and a newfound happiness. You’ll feel happier, reach your goals, and understand the reason you are on this planet. After you start experiencing your magic again, your life will have a whole new meaning for you.

Your Dream Life Workbook

One of the most powerful tools you will receive in your program is a fully customized journal, tailored just for you. Each week, based on your goals and personal preferences, you will receive new activities, resources, and worksheets that will keep you in a creative state, in-tune with yourself, and accountable. You’ll be able to look back on your “soul book” and see how quickly you transformed.

A lot of time, energy, and love is poured into your book (from me and from you!) – it’s just waiting for you to make it yours. Each section builds off of the next and by the end of our journey together, you will have proof of your magical transformation!



“Having the power to make impossible things happen.”


Dream + Life + Connection

A transformative journey for magical spirits that want to connect with their inner magic and start living their best life.

Your program will be specially crafted to be unique & aligned to your context, dreams, and life goals.

Not sure if you need EVERYTHING included in the offers below? No worries! Everyone’s journey and needs are unique and I have program options to fit what you need most. Reach out for your first call (it’s free!) to start your journey. 💙

Dream Life Signature Program

3 Months of 1:1 Coaching

The Dream Life Program is a blend of professional coaching, mini workshops, aligned guidance/conversations, dreamwork, and tutoring in all things magic.


  • Sessions focused on intuition, goal setting, inner child work, creativity, subconscious programming, identity, and more
  • Practical techniques to increase your synchronicity and every day magic
  • Journaling techniques you won’t find anywhere else
  • Dreamwork: Remember your dreams using my D.R.E.A.M. Method + how to interpret your dream symbols
  • Lucid dreaming 101: deep dive in how to control your dreams, fly, and incorporate lucidity into your waking life
  • Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) guidance
  • Magic Mind Workshop: unique exercise to create a mental safe space & subconsciously manifest your visions
  • Dream Life Workbook: over 30 pages of creative worksheets, activities, and templates
  • BONUS: Your very own ‘Bliss Recipe’
  • 5% donated to Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas


(Different Tiers & Payment Plans Available)

Proof Of Magic

I would be honored to be

Your Guide

My mission is to help dreamers like you connect with your true Self and your dream life. My coaching, methods of teaching, and genuine love for connection has been alchemised through life experience and training. This is my Dharma.

I practice what I teach and have created a life that I love. I left my comfy corporate job and started traveling, harnessing my own magic, and am always finding joy every day. What brings me the most joy is helping others discover their own magic!

Certifications: Professional Life Coaching, Dream Interpretation, Dream Alchemy, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP).

I am always learning and growing so I can be the highest version of my Self. I would be honored to connect with you so you can become your highest Self. xo

Guidance Andrea

If you want something you’ve never had,
you have to do something you’ve never done before.
-Thomas Jefferson


Anything you can dream of is