Learning to let go of the ego.

As I mentioned in my last Magic Monday a couple of weeks ago, I have returned to yoga and what a journey it has already been! It’s funny how that works… I’ve been getting back into my practice – physically, mentally, and spiritually – and I feel so much more aligned these days. It really is incredible to return (and remember) a passion after such a long break.

Since it’s been a few years since I was practicing heavily, I am now remembering so many different lessons – but with a new perspective. It’s incredibly special. One of the strongest lessons actually has to do with one of my favorite yoga poses: Child’s Pose.

Child’s Pose (Bālāsana) is when you sit on your heels, with your knees spread mat distance apart, leaning forward with your arms stretched out to the top of the mat. When you practice yoga, you may hear the teacher suggest that if you ever need a break, to return to child’s pose. It’s a very restful pose that symbolizes returning to a state of innocence and surrendering to the present moment.

I remember thinking this in the past, that child’s pose is one of the hardest poses to enter. Not because of the physical pose – but because so often, our ego has a hard time surrendering to this pose. Back in the day, I was a full-fledged yogi with all the cute outfits and did the hardest variation of each pose (my ego may have been a bit inflated! 😂). Whenever my body was getting fatigued and I felt it needed to pause to catch my breath, I would often think, “No! Keep pushing! People are looking at you – don’t give up!”

At the time, child’s pose to me represented failure, giving up, and being weak. Not listening to your body/intuition is how injuries happen. This is how the ego takes over.

But, I also remember when students, including the super-stretchy regulars, would get into child’s pose, I would have a momentary shift. I would think, “Pausing is actually what takes real courage. Come to think of it, surrendering to child’s pose is actually more challenging than this crazy bird of paradise pose!”

It’s important to remember that we always have child’s pose to return to in our life. This ‘magic trick’ is what will bring peace and compassion to you, as well as others around you.

Again, child’s pose is symbolic of surrendering. When your ego wants to fight, win, assert dominance, or prove its worth – this is when it’s time to enter child’s pose.

Some modern versions of child’s pose outside of yoga could be:

  • When someone is trying to merge into your lane, kindly letting them in.
  • When in a disagreement, seeing both sides and/or apologizing.
  • When receiving praise, giving credit to others who also helped.
  • Being open and grateful to constructive feedback.
  • Not being afraid to ask for help when you need it.
  • Owning up to mistakes.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you can hear your ego, and it’s really wanting to win or fight, remember your child’s pose. It is not failure. Pausing, letting go of your ego, and surrendering to your intuition is the ultimate form of bravery.



Ego says, ‘Once everything falls into place, I will find peace.’
Spirit says, ‘Find peace and everything will fall into place.’


Ninh’s family is in town and we have been doing all sorts of touristy activities around town! One of the highlights has been going on the coconut boat tour. Ninh and I did this back in 2021, but since it was during the pandemic, there was hardly anyone around. Now, there are so so soooo many people! So many boats floating through the river – and along the way, there’s all sorts of madness. Boats taking people on spinning rides, karaoke stations with people dancing (and nearly falling into the water), and races amongst the boats.

It’s so wonderful being a tourist in your own town. Sure, many people call tourist activities, “traps” – but you know what? They’re damn fun! So wherever you are in the world, I highly recommend being a tourist in your own town! It’s so fun to be surrounded by people having fun, learning new things, and supporting the local economy.

I hope you all have a magical week ahead – love to you!


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