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Bring Out A Part Of You That You’ve Been Subconsciously Suppressing

Happy Halloween!! Who else here loves Halloween?! From the apple cider and falling leaves to kids all dressed up and CANDY. And who am I kidding? Don’t we all love dressing up as a character we love (who says Halloween is just for kids?!)? I am fascinated by taking on an alter ego during Halloween. ‘Becoming’ someone else for day… Does anyone else feel like they have extra energy when they put on a costume?

Last year, I was Harriet the Spy and I absolutely loved the experience (even though no one knew who I was 😂). I loved this costume because I took on Harriet’s confident, independent, and curious personality: observing the world around me and standing in my power!

Here’s the thing, this is something we can do every day. We can literally channel alter egos (or inner guides) to strengthen personality traits we’d like to grow.

It may seem at first that we’re putting on a mask and hiding who we truly are, but what if channeling an alter ego is simply bringing out a part of us that we’ve suppressed without realizing?

Here’s what you can do: think of 1-2 personality traits that you would like to make stronger. Once you have the 1-2 traits, think of prominent figures that you admire and look up to that possess these traits. Then, have them in the back of your mind – think of them in times of need.

I started doing this a few years ago and it has helped tremendously. For me, my 2 traits were confidence and grace. My 2 figures that I now channel all the time are Wonder Woman and Princess Diana. And by channeling them frequently, I’ve subconsciously made these traits stronger and more natural to myself.

I go into detail about times this ‘magic trick’ has helped me over the past couple of years in a past podcast episode: Channeling Your Inner Guides if you’d like to learn more. 💙

“Fake it ‘til you become it!”


Channeling Your Inner Guides Podcast Episode & Blog


You must be the person you have never had the courage to be. Gradually, you will discover that you are that person, but until you can see this clearly, you must pretend and invent.

Paulo Coelho


Greetings from Da Nang! I am still absolutely thrilled to be back in Vietnam and I wake up happy every day! This past week has been filled with lots of yummy meals (local dishes, Korean grill, Japanese sushi, and American BBQ). 😂 I’m just so happy to be in a place with so much variety!! I even tried my first salted coffee (cafe muối) with my friend Giang and it was SO good! It’s like an espresso with a creamy, buttery foam on top – imagine a Butterbeer, but better!

Yesterday, we did a little road trip down to Hoi An and it was so nice seeing it bustling with tourists! When we were in Vietnam a year and a half ago, the cities were like ghost towns. Especially in Hoi An – all the shops were closed and the town was extremely quiet. Now it’s packed and everything is open and alive! So happy to be back here to see this (plus the shopping is 🤌🏼).

I hope you all have a magical week! XO

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