Create A Calming Playlist That Instantly Centers You

I’d love to share with you a little ‘magic trick’ that I’ve been using for years, something I call my “Centered Playlist.” It’s a simple yet powerful practice that can take you back to a place of peace in an instant.

It’s as simple as this: whenever you feel a moment of serenity – whether during a yoga class, a walk, or simply lounging at home – pay close attention to the music playing in the background. Whenever you’re feeling zen or in the flow, and you take note of the song, gather these songs into a special playlist: your Centered Playlist (or whatever title resonates with you). This playlist will be like a musical time capsule, preserving those moments of peace for future use.

Here’s where the magic comes in: When life gets hectic, and you’re feeling overwhelmed or stress, just play your Centered Playlist. As you listen to those familiar songs, it’s like stepping into a portal that instantly transports you back to that serene state of mind you had when you originally listened.

For instance, one of my go-to tracks on my Centered Playlist is a soft piano song. Whenever I’m feeling stressed, I listen to my Centered Playlist, and even when I start that very first song, it’s like I’m back in my happy place in the park in Seattle when I first heard it.

Music can mentally transport you to the places where you first encountered it. So, when you play a song from your Centered Playlist, you’re not just hearing music; you’re revisiting those moments of inner peace and serenity.


This week, I thought I’d share a Tarot card that can guide you through the week. The Knight of Swords charges into your week with a message of swift action and determination. Embrace the Knight’s fearless energy and tackle your tasks head-on. So if there’s something that’s on your mind, take action now – you will be successful! Remember to maintain clarity and focus to ensure your actions are purposeful and aligned with your goals.

Maybe this is a sign that you need to swiftly take action on your Centered Playlist. πŸ˜‰ Let this playlist be your mental armor, helping you charge into challenging moments with clarity and purpose.



Music has infinite power to reach the gapΒ between the heart and the soul to create infinite and ineffable joy.

-Debasish Mridha


Ninh and I had a wonderful weekend in Plovdiv – the oldest city in Europe! We took some old old trains through the mountains and valleys of Bulgaria and explored this incredible city. It was our first time venturing out of Bansko since we arrived, so it was nice to be in a city with a little more variety of food (hello, SUSHI!). And I absolutely LOVED learning about the rich history of Plovdiv and seeing all of the old ruins.

There is an entire ancient city buried underneath the current city we see now! They aren’t able to uncover it in its entirety because of all the current buildings and homes; but there are sections of the stadiums, theaters, and markets from thousands of years ago that you can wander through. It was like traveling back in time. Absolutely mind-blowing!

Oh, and you know how we say, “Cheese!” when we’re taking pictures? I learned that in Bulgaria, they say, “Zele!” which means cabbage! πŸ˜‚ Interesting how we choose random foods to make us smile. 😁

Have a magical week!! Grateful for you!


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