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In today’s fast-paced world, finding moments of tranquility can feel like a luxury. I invite you to listen to this 10-minute guided meditation that is like a portal to a calmer world. Everything is better in a bubble bath, right? This meditation offers a unique twist, leading you on a journey to a place of ultimate relaxation and self-care – a cozy bubble bath infused with your personal elixirs of positivity and empowerment.

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If you don’t have time to sit and listen to a 10-minute meditation, you can always visit these steps in any moment. Sometimes, if I’m having a frantic or busy day, I’ll just a one-minute pause and go through this process. It’s amazing how helpful a bubble bath for your mind is!


1. The Bubble Bath Journey

As you calm your self and take a pause, allow yourself to let go of the outside world. With each breath, you’re transported to a serene oasis of your creation. Imagine yourself in a soothing bubble bath, the warm water hugging you. Visualize the gentle bubbles caressing your skin and soothing fragrances dancing in the air.

2. Add Potions of Positivity

As you’re mentally in this bubble bath, you have the power to infuse your bubble bath with potent elixirs. Image a shelf above your bathtub, filled with all sorts of colorful bottles. These magical potions represent the qualities you desire to embrace throughout your day or night. Whether it’s self-love, joy, confidence, or any other positive attribute, these elixirs become a tangible presence in your sanctuary. Grab what you need, and pour it in your bath.

3. Bask in Self-Empowerment

As you relax in your now enchanted bubble bath, let these elixirs merge with your being. Feel their energy resonating within you, bringing a sense of calm, empowerment, or whatever it is you are needing. Embrace the belief that you are a creator of your own reality, capable of manifesting positivity and harmony in your life (because it’s true!).

4. Bring The Magic Back To Reality

As you come back to the present moment, carry the essence of your elixirs with you in your reality. Feel the residual effects of relaxation, and your magical potions. Remember, you are magic, capable of transforming your inner world and radiating that magic into the outer world.

You Are Magic

This bubble bath for your mind serves as a reminder of the tranquility and power that reside within you. By journeying to a place of self-care and empowerment, you’re nurturing your mind, body, and soul. Take this moment to honor yourself and embrace the magic that flows through you. Hope you enjoyed your bath!

Ready to experience this transformative meditation firsthand? Access the guided meditation below – or on your Insight Timer app – and settle in to a soothing bubble bath for your mind. You deserve every moment of serenity and every ounce of the magic you hold within.

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