Create your optimal environment to easily feel bliss.

I’d love to share what I call the “Bliss Recipe” with you so that you know exactly what you need in order to reach that wonderful feeling of bliss. With my coaching clients, I always walk them through this process on the very first day so they know what type of environment they need in order to feel their best. After doing this with so many people, it’s interesting that everyone has a different ‘recipe.’ So I want to share the process with you so you can discover your own unique bliss recipe.

Once you know these preferences, you can enter this state a bit easier. Maybe do a mini audit of your life and see how you can change anything so that it fits your recipe better. For example, after I did this many years ago, it became clear that I love bright mornings with sounds of nature in the background. So I trained myself to wake up earlier and take advantage of the morning sun – and if I can’t physically be outside, I will put on a nature ambience video in the background (I’m literally listening to this Hogwarts one now 😂). When you combine multiple ingredients from your bliss recipe, you can’t help but feel happier.

We already know what we love and what makes us happy, but it’s even more helpful when we have a list of allllll of the things in one place. So if you’re ever stressed or feeling like you’re in a slump, you can refer to your recipe and try to get a few of those ingredients and get out of the slump.

So, here’s what you’ll do. Think of when your inspiration/peace/joy is at its peak. Think of where you are, how you’re feeling, and what you’re doing. Then go through these options/questions rapid-fire – answer with the first thing that comes to your mind. Don’t think about it too much. Go down this list and select/answer what you prefer. I recommend going through this list mentally first, then writing your answers down in a journal. Then you’ll have your own blissful recipe!

Ready, set, go!





What is the weather?


Close to home
Far away from home

Somewhere else (where?)



What do you hear?

What do you taste?

What do you smell?

What do you see in front of you?





What are you doing? 


What are you usually doing before you get into this blissful state?


Now that you have your recipe, you can reach this state of bliss a bit easier. Make it even more fun by creating a little recipe card in Canva, like I’ve done above. 🙂 Enjoy!!


I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean



Slow vs. Rapid Growth: Why Slow Growth Can Be Better For Your Life & Business

If you’ve ever felt like you’re moving too slow in life or business, you are NOT. In fact, growing slowly is a good thing (imo). This episode explains why, and how we can grow intentionally so our future is even brighter.


Happy Magic Monday to you! I hope you’ve had a great couple of weeks! It’s ironic that my last podcast episode was all about slow vs. rapid growth, and how slow growth may actually be better for you. Yet, in the past couple of weeks, I feel like I have grown SO much! There definitely feels like a shift is in the air, and by being so open to possibilities, new things are quickly presenting themselves to me.

I also feel like the shift from winter to spring also contributes to this – even though I’m in Vietnam and it always feels like summer, I still feel the collective energy of the world. Anyone else feel like they’re waking up from a deep slumber??

I recently posted a story on Instagram and mentioned that I couldn’t believe we’re already days away from March. I inserted a poll and asked people to choose between:
1. I am sooooo ready for March!
2. March is coming way too fast!
The results were split almost exactly 50/50, which I find fascinating! Much like the Bliss Recipe above, everyone will have different answers based on their own lives, environments, and thoughts.

This is also a great reminder that there is no right answer. There is no one way to do anything. Sounds fairly obvious, but I even find myself listening to advice and thinking that’s exactly what I have to do! Give everything a try, but ultimately, continue to do what feels right for you. xo

With gratitude always,

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