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The best marketing platform for mindful business owners

If you’re a mindful entrepreneur or business owner feeling the pressure of social media demands and the “must-be-everywhere” mentality, you’re not alone. I swear I see posts every single day that tell me how I can get 100K followers or instantly go viral. And the problem is, it captivates me! The constant carrot-dangling actually works…

I finally woke up to this recently and decided: NOT ANYMORE. I realized that while I was trying to grow my Instagram account, doing all the things, had lost sight of my ‘why.’ I didn’t even enjoy the process! So I wondered if maybe Instagram just wasn’t the right platform for me…

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How do we choose which social media platform to focus on?

The problem is, there are just so many marketing platforms to choose from. We get convinced to focus on a specific one because it worked well for so-and-so, and it seems like clients will flock to you if you commit to it. But then…maybe that doesn’t happen when you try. Then, you’re left thinking that it’s your fault. Hint, it’s not your fault.

What we need to do instead is focus on which platform works best for us. Especially as mindful entrepreneurs, it’s so important to utilize a platform that caters to not only our skills and business goals – but also our sensitivities. For example, if you’re super sensitive to negative comments, you might want to choose podcasting over TikTok; TikTok is full of trolls, and podcasts don’t rely heavily on comments at all.

So how do we figure out if we’ve been focusing our energy on the right or wrong platform? And if we really want to hone in on one, how do we know which one to choose? There are SO MANY!

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That’s exactly why I created this guide (and quiz!). This guide goes over each major platform and includes:

  • Who it’s best suited for
  • Who it’s not suited for
  • Skills needed
  • Time commitment
  • Audience/search Intent
  • And of course, the ‘troll-factor’
  • 11-question quiz to help you discover which platform may be best for you
  • Tips for authentic marketing and using your intuition

Before you dive into the guide & quiz

Before you discover which is the best marketing platform for you (and what to spend your energy on), it’s important to first do some introspective groundwork:

Personality & Strengths: Assess your personality and your preferences within your business. How do you like being the face of your brand? Are you into content creation, design, writing, or perhaps networking?
Weaknesses: Identify what drains your energy or triggers frustration. Consider your tolerance for nasty comments, or how you feel about public visibility.
Business Goals: Define your main objectives. Are you looking to build brand awareness, sell products, gain new clients, secure brand partnerships, etc.?
Other Considerations: Think about where your ideal clients spend their time (and where you like to spend your time online!). Also think about your time commitment (not just daily or weekly, but can you commit to waiting over 6 months for results?).
Intuition: Sure, there are formulas, analytics, algorithms to consider – but ultimately, you will perform best on the platform that you enjoy being on. What feels good to you is the overlying factor – above everything! So listen to your gut and truly trust what it’s telling you.

I wish I could say that we could just throw away all social media and go back to only in-person networking and referrals. While this is still important these days, we have to accept that we’re in the digital era. Being online is part of the deal (and if you somehow have run a successful business with no online marketing whatsoever – tell me your secret!). So might as well do it in a way that works FOR us, right?!

Intuition > Algorithm.

Each platform in a nutshell for mindful business owners

Really quickly, here’s a little rundown of the major platforms. The Guide goes into so many more aspects of each platform – so I highly recommend you download it! 😉 But here’s just a quick snapshot in case it helps!

Instagram: It suits visual brands and storytellers who thrive on aesthetic and connection.
TikTok: Ideal for those who excel at quick, engaging content that taps into trends.
YouTube: Best-suited for in-depth content creators who educate and entertain through video.
LinkedIn: For those focused on professional growth, B2B connections, and industry thought leadership.
Blog: A platform for depth and detail in your subject matter, and an opportunity for SEO benefits.
Podcast: Suited for strong communicators who can captivate an audience through audio.
Facebook Groups: For community-builders looking to foster intimate interactions.
Pinterest: Great visual search engine for driving website traffic and reaching people who like aesthetically please content.

Check out the comprehensive guide & quiz

My hope is that with this guide and the accompanying quiz, you’ll feel more confident putting your energy into a social media marketing platform. One that not only meets your marketing goals but also aligns with your way of working and playing to your strengths. I invite you to download the guide and take the quiz and see for yourself which is the best marketing platform for you, and can best serve your business while keeping your well-being at the forefront. 🤍

If you still feel a little lost or you’re so ready to get the needle moving in your business, I’d love to connect with you and have an in-depth intuitive strategy session. Reach out anytime!

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