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Ask “Why am I?” Questions To Release Mental Resistance

Well, hello again! 💙 It’s been a while… I hope you all have been having a wonderful start to the new year! I really feel like 2024 is going to be an incredible year – do you feel it, too? And I’m so so so happy to be back with Magic Monday. A lot of magic has been brewing during my ‘pause’ – it’s proof that when you take a pause, clarity and growth is inevitable. I’ll share my updates down below, but let’s just dive into our new modern ‘magic trick’!

We’ve all heard of Affirmations, but have you ever heard of Askfirmations?

“Askfirmations” create a shift in perspective by changing the traditional “I am” affirmations into “Why am I” questions- this creates a deeper interaction with our subconscious mind. By questioning, rather than declaring, you can break through the mental resistance that typical affirmation statements may bring up.

You can easily do this by replacing standard affirmations like “I am successful” with empowering questions such as “Why am I so successful?”. This subtle, yet powerful, shift can cause less friction in our minds because we are not using an assertive statement that may clash with our pre-existing beliefs. Instead, we are proposing a question, leading the subconscious to generate answers affirming our success.

Inner dialogue when we say, “I am successful.”
’No I’m not. This isn’t true. I’ll only be successful when I make this much money or have this many clients. Etc.’

(Subconscious mind encounters skepticism based on current perceptions.)

Inner dialogue when we ask, “Why am I so successful?”
’Because I have a supportive network of colleagues and clients. Because I always meet my deadlines. Because I always overcome challenges.’

(Subconscious mind searches for evidence that this is true, which leads to a more positive mindset.)

Questions also have another subtle power – they suggest that the condition or situation we are affirming is already in existence. By asking ourselves positive, success-affirming questions, we influence our subconscious into accepting that the scenario has already been actualized. Using “Why?” creates a sense of wonder and curiosity instead of stressing the mind with the mechanics of “how” to accomplish something.

With time and repetition, Askfirmations will subtly shape your thought process and gradually turn your reality into what you’ve been dreaming about. Improving your mindset starts with challenging the beliefs you already hold that have been holding you back. Try using Askfirmations, believe in them, and watch the limiting beliefs fade away. As if by magic!

There are plenty of Askfirmation videos on YouTube you can play in the background. Here is the one I have been listening to for the past few months: Self-Concept Askfirmations with Binaural Beat Background Music.


For when you ask, it is always given, every time, with no exceptions. If something that you desire is not coming, it can only be that you are not allowing it to come because of the thoughts that you practice that are contrary to your own desire.



Eeeeek! Hello, friend! Happy 2024 and happy Lunar New Year!! It feels so good to get back to writing Magic Mondays again! I was initially planning on taking a few weeks off my Magic Monday and podcast back in December, but then things really started shifting with me during the New Year. So many wild things have happened over the past couple of months and I knew I would bring back Magic Monday when the time was right. And that time is now…

Here are a few of the big shifts and highlights over the past couple of months:

  • I PROMOTED MYSELF! I changed my role from Virtual Assistant to Mentor & Online Business Manager! I was already consulting with my clients and knew that I was doing a lot more than just admin tasks, so it was time to shift into a title that felt more aligned with what I’m doing. WAHOO!
  • With this shift, I knew it was time to finally have my first professional brand photo shoot. Now, everything in my brand feels so much more cohesive and professional. I worked really hard to update my website, Dream Life Connection, with some of my new photos and content. It’s proof that when you have clarity on who you’re talking to and how you’re helping them (plus photos that make you feel stunning), everything feels easier.
  • I contributed a chapter called, “The Gift of Nightmares,” to an Amazon best-selling book: Activate Your Life! It’s so cool that I’m officially a published author and helping more people connect with their dreams!
  • I completed another visa run, this time in Bali! I lived in Bali in 2017 and it was crazy returning and seeing how much it had changed. It felt like I had never been there before!

I just wanted to share these wins with you to show you that your dreams are definitely possible. I had always put a lot of pressure on myself to grow bigger and faster – there is a lot of messaging these days that push formulas that are all about speed. While yes, having big wins fast is nice, but when I released the pressure, connected with my Self and my mentors, and took every step intentionally, magic started happening naturally. Go with the flow, babyyyy!

As always, I hope you have a magical week ahead (and Happy Valentine’s Day! 💞). So glad we are connected. XOXO

With gratitude always,

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