Create A Cozy Environment With Ambience Videos

Some of the best tools I’ve found for enhancing my relaxation or my productivity are ambience videos. While you’re working, doing tasks, meditating, or trying to wind down – turn on some ambience videos on YouTube that will mentally take you to another place.

Ambience videos typically have background sounds (ASMR) like rain, pages turning, cats purring, crickets, etc. Depending on the type of video you choose, you’ll have different sounds that fit the theme. You can also find ambience videos with music: jazz, fantasy, classical, lo-fi, etc.

Think of any environment that you love and you’ll find an ambience video that makes you feel like you’re there! On YouTube, simply search the theme you love + “Ambience” and explore lots of comforting videos.

Some ideas:

  • Coffee shop in a village with jazz music
  • Luke’s Diner from Gilmore Girls
  • Dark library with rainstorm
  • Picnic at a lake during the Fall

It’s science! White noise/ASMR sounds engulfs our total hearing range (20-20,000 hertz), which makes it an effective mask for other environmental sounds that can distract us.

I’m super curious – what type of ambience do you like to have in your background??

Here’s an example of an ambience video I’ve been playing in the background while I work. 🧡


🎶 Andrea’s Ambience Videos Playlist (With Music)

Andrea’s Ambience Videos Playlist (No Music)


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